Title Chinese Work on Insulin
ISBN 978-81-7895-421-9
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Editor(s) You-Min Feng
Preface Foreword:- Insulin is a protein hormone of great importance both theoretically and practically. Since its discovery in 1921 by Banting and Best, extensive studies on its structure and function have be     Read More >>


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    Kung Yueh-Ting, Du Yu-Cang, Huang Wei-Teh, Chen Chan-Chin Ke Lin-Tsung, Hu Shih-Chuan, Jiang Rong-Qing, Chu Shang-Quan Niu Ching-I, Hsu Je-Zen, Chang Wei-Chun, Chen Ling-Ling Li Hong-Shueh, Wang Yu, Loh Teh-Pei, Chi Ai-Hsech, Li Chung-Hsi Shi Pu-Tao, Yieh Yuen-Hwa, Tang Kar-Lo and Hsing Chi-Yi