Publication Plans

Four types of publication plans

1) In our conventional book publication plan, where hard-bound, hard copy books are produced, we request ONE of the authors of EACH article to purchase 100 reprints. The costs of reprints are given at: . The author will be sent 100 reprints and 3 hard-bound books by registered air-mail. There could be a relaxation if some authors are facing fund difficulties; in this case the principal author of each chapter may purchase only 50 reprints at half cost. The authors will be benefited by:

(a) Wide publicity to articles published through our global title mailing program, web book & brochure, e-website and email alerts through our Individual Title Mailing Programme
(b) A Multi-coloured Brochure will be sent to you and all authors, which you/they can circulate among colleagues, other researchers and libraries

2) The second plan is that the editor(s)-i.e. you- make a one time payment of U.S.1950/- for a hard-bound book of up to 150 pages in grey scale; then the authors need not purchase reprints. The corresponding author of each article will be sent one hard-book and the Chief Editor, five hard-bound books by registered air-mail. Colour printing costs are extra and are fixed at U.S.50/ page-more than one figure can be added to each of the colour pages.

Each page ABOVE 150 pages will cost U.S. $10/page. To rougly calculate the number of pages of your book, you may download our WORD template by clicking on "Download Template" link given on the left pane of our website(s): or and pasting the manuscripts of your book on it.

For Indian Editors, the cost will be INR 100/-per page.

3) The third plan is that the Editor(s) purchase a TOTAL of 25 hardbound books. In this case, no author needs purchase 100 reprints and the chief Editor will be sent 25 books by Registered Air-mail. A Multi-coloured Brochure will be sent to you and all authors, which you/they can circulate among colleagues, other researchers and libraries.

4) The fourth plan is the Open Access Publication Plan. We have a separate plan for OPEN ACCESS (single author or multiple authors) , REVIEW BOOK/ JOURNAL publications. The manuscript(s) may be a review book, a monograph, a lengthy review or general book in your area of expertise or you may start a Journal. The benefits of these publications are: 1) Instant publication 2) Unlimited access and use to everyone 3) All interested can view the publication freely 4) 24 hour availability of content online 5) High usage and visibility of content and 6) More value for book budget. We will also be sending alerts to about 5000 scientists working in your area of research internationally to make your work more visible. To support Open Access, a charge of U.S.$995/- will be levied for a book up to 150 pages. For each additional page, a charge of U.S. $5/- per page will be levied. To view our e Books, please visit: