• Publish eBooks Fast

    Publish an eBook Fast with ISBN: It has been found that publishing small e-books of 60 or 80 pages with ISBN would be the easiest way to become a published author and the best method to furthering careers. If you send a complete manuscript or a book with several chapters and authors in Microsoft WORD or Convertible PDF and the figures and tables embedded in the text, with a cover photograph, we will design the cover and publish your work as an e-Book and upload it within a week with ISBN. You retain the copyright to use this book for further publishing in any format.

    Publication Charges and Free Hard Copies: To support Open Access, a charge of U.S.$499/- will be levied for a book up to 110 pages for a single author volume. For each additional page, a charge of U.S. $5/- per page will be levied. If it is a multi authored volume, where each author pays for his/her article, the cost will be U.S. $18/ per page for the paying author. For Indian authors, it will be Indian Rupees 175/ per page both for single author and multi-author volumes. The e-books will be produced in two formats- PDF and beautiful page flipping format. To view our e Books, please visit:

    Sample e-books

    Flip Book Format (Kindly COPY & PASTE; do not click on the link)
    Research Books


    You can also publish C.Vs, Personal Albums and any kind of book as an e-Book which will be uploaded in our servers (not stand alone).

    Curriculum Vitae (No ISBN; U.S. $ 22/ up to 20 Pages)

    Personal Album (No ISBN: U.S. $ 22/ up to 20 Pages)
    Please give all the photographs in the same size as JPEG

  • Be an Editor- Start Your Own e-Journal

    We have developed a scientific portal where you as the Chief Editor would be given a user name and password so that you can enter journal articles, reviews, comments etc. collected from authors, experts et al. They will be hosted almost instantly. There will be a very, very reasonable charge for owning and running the journal.

  • Open Access Journals

    Our Open Access Journal portal is under testing. You can contribute manuscripts and you can even start a new journal. Details will be sent once you evince your interst.

  • Convert your Publications into EPUB, MOBI, I-BOOK
    Convert your Publications in ePub, MOBI for Kindle and other devices and iBook for iPads. We will quote once you evince your interest.

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