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VIEW/PURCHASE: You can view the Table of Contents of the various titles. You can also purchase the whole book or a particular manuscript within a book. In either case, select the Category (Physical Sciences and Engineering, Health Sciences, Life Sciences or Medical Sciences) and check the title you want. In the chosen category, the title of the book appears. Click on the title to reach the Table of Contents. From here you may select the whole volume by clicking on ‘Add to Cart’, or the particular article within that title you want to purchase, by clicking on the title of the article and then clicking ‘Add to Cart’. Individual manuscripts will be sent as PDF, so please give us your EXACT e-mail ID and let us know whether you have received the article once we have delivered it. Books will be sent by Registered Air-mail or Courier Services- Courier needs additional payment- so kindly give your complete postal address with the name of the person who would receive them with telephone numbers.
SEARCH: You may search a title by filling in title of the book and clicking on ‘Search’. It is advised that you go for the ‘Advanced Search’ where you may fill-in any one parameter. A partial name of the title would also bring in the desired result.

  • Publish eBooks Fast

    Publish an eBook Fast with ISBN: It has been found that publishing small e-books of 60 or 80 pages with ISBN would be the easiest way to become a published author and the best method to furthering careers. If you send a complete manuscript or a book with several chapters and authors in Microsoft WORD or Convertible PDF and the figures and tables embedded in the text, with a cover photograph, we will design the cover and publish your work as an e-Book and upload it within a week with ISBN. You retain the copyright to use this book for further publishing in any format.

    Publication Charges and Free Hard Copies: To support Open Access, a charge of U.S.$1200/- will be levied for a book up to 150 pages for a single author volume. For each additional page, a charge of U.S. $5/- per page will be levied. One hard copy will be sent by registered air-mail. If it is a multi authored volume, where each author pays for his/her article, the cost will be U.S. $28/ per page for the paying author. One hard copy of the book will be sent to the corresponding author by registered air mail. The charges include mailing costs. For Indian authors, it will be Indian Rupees 100/ per page both for single author and multi-author volumes. One hard copy will be sent. The e-books will be produced in two formats- PDF and beautiful page flipping format. To view our e Books, please visit:

    Additional Hard Copies (Including Registration and Air-mailing Charges): You can order additional hard copies of the e-books if you so choose, for an additional charge of U.S. $ 65/ per copy for a book up to 50 pages and U.S. $ 115/- for a book up to 100 pages and U.S. $ 140 for a book up to 150 pages with black and white inner pages and multi-colour cover. (colour figures for inner pages for hard copies cost extra at U.S. $ 30/- per colour page). Each additional page would cost U.S. $ 7/- for black & white pages. These charges include registered air-mailing charges.

    Sample e-books

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    You can also publish C.Vs, Personal Albums and any kind of book as an e-Book which will be uploaded in our servers (not stand alone).

    Curriculum Vitae (No ISBN; U.S. $ 22/ up to 20 Pages)

    Personal Album (No ISBN: U.S. $ 22/ up to 20 Pages)
    Please give all the photographs in the same size as JPEG