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Beginner’s Guide To Masturbator – All You Have to Know on Masturbators

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Do you know what a masturbator is? Read this and you will know everything about masturbator.

Have you ever heard of a masturbator, a tool that makes male masturbation even more pleasurable?

If you’re a man, you’re intrigued by this one, right?

I love masturbators and have used over 100 different masturbators in my life.

That’s why I would strongly recommend you to try Masturbator.

The reason is that you would be missing out not to use Masturbator.

From now on, as a newcomer to Masturbator, I will introduce a lot of information that you should know about Masturbator.

What is Masturbator?

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Masturbator is a artificial vagina.

Men can enjoy the best masturbation experience by using a vagina that is reproduced with soft materials.

The pleasure is completely different from the right hand masturbation that you usually do.

One of the most famous masturbators in the world is the Fleshlight, which was created in the United States and is now used by men all over the world.

This means that masturbating with a masturbator is becoming a common practice for men all over the world.

If you’ve read this article to the end, you’ll be dying to use a Masturbator.

Why Masturbator is so popular

The first thing you need to know is why the Masturbator is loved by men all over the world.

Some men think that masturbating with a tool is embarrassing.

The Masturbator is loved by men all over the world because it feels so much better than masturbating with your right hand, which is what you usually do.

What more reason do you need?

I was shocked when I first used the Masturbator.

At the same time, I understood why Masturbator is loved all over the world.

If you want to know more about Masturbator, please click here.

How to use the Masturbator

We have prepared a video on how to use Masturbator.

Before using the Masturbator, you need to do some preparation.

First of all, you need sex lubricant, because the Masturbator is made of a material that adheres to your skin, so you cannot insert your penis without sex lubricant.

The lubricant used in the video is here.

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The next step is to clean the masturbator, as it is a tool that you can insert your penis directly into, so it is essential to keep it clean. Once this is done, all you have to do is insert your penis and enjoy masturbation.

It’s that easy!

Click here for the recommended lubricant.

For instructions and notes on how to use the Masturbator, click here.

Types of Masturbator

As you can see from the images, there are many types of masturbators.

  1. Hand-held masturbator
  2. Fleshlight
  3. Blow-job type
  4. Electric type
  5. Hand-job type
  6. Disposable type
  7. Breast type
  8. Stationary type
  9. Love doll

Each of these masturbators has different features.

By choosing the masturbator that best suits your preference, you will be able to enjoy even more pleasurable masturbation.

If you want to know more about masturbator, click here.

Hand Masturbator

This is the most basic type of masturbator.

It has the most variety of products among the masturbators we are going to introduce.

You can enjoy different pleasurable sensations depending on the size and softness of the masturbator, so it is recommended that you buy a variety of masturbators and try them out.

Of course, the Hand Masturbator was the first one I purchased.

I would recommend the Hand Masturbator to anyone who
  • are new to Masturbator.
  • masturbate on a daily basis.
  • want to increase the pleasure of masturbation.
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Comment This is the masturbator I use most often now. I can enjoy masturbation with very strong stimulation. I would like to recommend it to men who usually masturbate a lot.


Fleshlight is a masturbator that was born in the United States.

It has a proven track record of being used by men all over the world, and it comes in a case that looks just like a flashlight.

Its appeal is that it gives a pleasure similar to sex, but its disadvantage is that it is a bit heavy.

Fleshlight is recommended for the following people.
  • People who want to choose a masturbator that feels good for sure.
  • People who have never used a masturbator before.
  • People who don’t want to be discovered by their family.
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Comment If your goal is to masturbate with a good feeling, you can’t go wrong with this one. It feels good anyway. However, it is a little heavy and you may get tired in the process.

For a beginner’s guide to Fleshlight, click here.

Blow-job Type

The Blow-job Type is characterized by the shape of a woman’s mouth.

Depending on the product, even the teeth and tongue are reproduced, so you can experience a completely different kind of excitement than with a regular masturbator.

Also, you can enjoy the stimulation by suction just like a real blow job.

Blow-job Type is recommended for the following people.
  • People who like blowjobs.
  • People who want to get excited visually.
  • People who want to change your masturbation.
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Comment The Masturbator of Blow-job Type is equipped with a suction cup. You can enjoy masturbation by shaking your hips with this suction cup. It is very functional and pleasurable.

Electric type

The electric type is special among the Masturbators introduced here.

By inserting your penis and turning it on, you can stimulate it by vibration and rotation.

This feature allows you to enjoy masturbation without tiring your body at all.

The electric type is recommended for the following people.
  • People who want to masturbate without tiring your body.
  • People who want to experience an unknown pleasure.
  • People who are tired of ordinary masturbation.
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Comment This Masturbator allows you to enjoy stimulation by rotation. This stimulation can not be reproduced by your right hand, you can experience a totally unknown pleasure.

Hand-job Type

The Hand-job Type is a thin masturbator made of silicone.

Put it over your penis like a condom and stretch it up and down to enjoy masturbation.

It is suitable for stimulating the glans, and is especially recommended for men who are sensitive to glans stimulation.

Hand-job Type is recommended for the following people.
  • People who want to masturbate in the same way as usual.
  • People who like to stimulate the glans.
  • People who want a small masturbator.
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Comment You can enjoy stimulating the glans intensively. It comes with a case like hair wax, so it is hard to be discovered and easy to store.

Disposable Type

This masturbator is easy to dispose of, just use it once and throw it away.

There is no need to prepare lubricant and no need to clean it, making it very easy to use.

It is especially popular among those who cannot store their masturbators at home and men who want to enjoy masturbators when they travel.

Disposable Type is recommended for the following people
  • People who don’t want to store your masturbator.
  • People who don’t want to store your masturbator.
  • People who want to use your masturbator when you are traveling.
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Comment This Masturbator is inexpensive, but it is very well made. The stimulation is very strong. It is lightweight, so you can enjoy it with the same feeling as regular masturbation.

Breasts Types

The Masturbator’s breasts look and feel just like a woman’s breasts, and while you can’t insert them like you can with the Masturbator, you can put your penis in between them and enjoy them.

You can also enjoy the healing and excitement of just touching them.

Breasts Types is recommended for the following people.
  • People who like big tits.
  • People who want to experience the breasts.
  • People who want to get mental healing.
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Comment I would like to recommend this to all men. They are very soft and the texture is almost the same as real boobs. It feels so good that you want to touch them all the time.

Stationary Type

Stationary Type is a large masturbator.

It is designed in the shape of a woman’s torso, and you can enjoy shaking your hips like you are having sex.

You can enjoy masturbating with it as if you were having sex.

Stationary Type is recommended for the following people.
  • People who want to get the same pleasure as sex.
  • People who want to experience the visual excitement.
  • People who want to practice sex.
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Comment This is one of the most popular Stationary Type products. You can enjoy both vaginal and anal. The stimulation of both is completely different, making your daily masturbation more enjoyable.

Sex Doll

The Sex Doll is a large masturbator that takes the form of a woman.

The characteristics vary greatly depending on the material, but recently, silicone sex dolls, which are indistinguishable from real women, have been gaining popularity.

Many men buy these dolls not only for sex, but also for mental healing.

Sex Doll is recommended for the following people.
  • People who want to experience a simulated romance.
  • People who want to experience the same excitement as sex.
  • People who want to get mental healing.
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Comment This is a very inexpensive Sex Doll. It is made of vinyl, so you need to be careful not to scratch it. It is good enough to enjoy sex.

For a beginner’s guide to Sex Doll, click here.

Points to keep in mind when using Masturbator

I have two cautions for you when using a masturbator: one is that you may lose interest in sex.

A friend of mine said that with Masturbator, he would never need a girlfriend again.

Secondly, as mentioned above, the masturbator needs to be kept clean at all times; if germs grow inside the masturbator, it can be dangerous.

Defined as the inflammation of the foreskin and glans in uncircumcised males, balanoposthitis occurs over a wide age range and may have any of multiple bacterial or fungal origins or be caused by contact dermatitides.


Here’s how to wash and store your masturbator.

Now, let’s choose our first Masturbator.

What to consider when choosing your first Masturbator

As mentioned above, there are many types of Masturbator.

So, many beginners have a very hard time choosing their first Masturbator.

When I bought my first Masturbator, I spent a good two hours worrying about it.

I recommend you to choose your first masturbator based on your intuition.

This is because everyone’s taste in stimulation is different.

The best masturbator for many men is not necessarily the best for you.

First, follow your intuition and choose your first masturbator.

Here’s what I think about how to choose a masturbator and what I recommend.

How to buy a Masturbator in India?

However, there is one problem: Masturbator can only be purchased in India in a limited number of ways.

Since selling Masturbator is not officially allowed in India, it is difficult to find a store.

Therefore, I would recommend online stores.

The online store has a good selection of products and you can also check user ratings.

Spend plenty of time to choose the best Masturbator for you.

Here’s the online store I always use.

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