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“I don’t have sex as often as I used to…
I’m stuck in a rut, and I need a new stimulus…

  • I’m in a bit of a rut and want some new stimulation…
  • You’re probably thinking these things as you read this article, aren’t you?
  • Sex toys could be the perfect partner to fulfill your wishes.

‘I’m interested in it, but I can’t really talk to people about it.

This article will help you to understand the different types of sex toys and how to use them in a zippy and easy to understand way.
We’ll help you get to know your sex toys, so you can find one you’re interested in!

What is a sex toy?

A sex toy is a tool that can be used to enhance your sex life.
As the name suggests, it can be widely used for sex and also for masturbation.

  • ‘I want to increase the excitement of sex!’
  • ‘I won’t be satisfied with a partner!’
  • ‘I want to have sex I can’t tell people about!’
  • ‘I need more comfortable masturbation!’

You can choose the right one for your purposes with or without a partner.
It may feel like a genre that is hard to get into, but it is slowly gaining popularity, and it is becoming a common sense to have it.
By the way, if you are thinking of using it with your partner, it is a prerequisite that you use it with good manners (see below), so be careful.

Kinds of sex toys

The following 10 sex toys are introduced in this issue.

  • Anal toys
  • SM Toys
  • Cock ring
  • condoms
  • dildo
  • Masturbators
  • Magic Wand Vibrators
  • Lubricant.
  • Vibrators
  • sex doll

You may know some of them vaguely, and some of them may be new to you.
However, you don’t have to be familiar with all sex toys.
I will now introduce you to the uses and features of each sex toy.

Anal Toys

Anal is often perceived as abnormal, but that perception is slowly changing these days.
There are many nerve endings around the anal area and it’s very sensitive, so you’ll be able to feel the pleasure by developing it.

The “anal plug” is mainly used to expand the anal area.
In and out, “anal vibrator

There are two main types of anal toys, and their use depends on their purpose.

If you’re interested in anal sex but are a little afraid of it…

If this is the case, we recommend that you start with an anal plug.

Be sure to start with a small one when you use it!

If you choose the wrong size, it could be cut or damaged.

We also recommend using a soft silicone material and Lubricant for safety and fun.

SM Toys

For those who want to step out of the normal sex and enjoy a stimulating experience, we recommend SM toys.

There is a wide variety of SM toys available.
From eye masks and manacles for beginners to candles and hemp ropes for advanced users, you can enjoy them in a variety of ways depending on your purpose.

The main purpose is to increase the sensitivity of other parts of the body by limiting sensation and behavior, or to provide a sense of shame and excitement.

If you’re a beginner, I highly recommend that you start with something less stressful on your body, such as an eye mask or manacles, but it’s essential to get your partner’s consent.

Also, don’t be self-centered and always consider your partner’s feelings as a priority when upgrading the content.

Cock Ring

A cock ring is a ring-shaped sex toy that is attached to the penis.

It is worn at the base of the penis and intentionally reduces blood flow, which can have the following benefits.

  • Improved erection.
  • Improvement of premature ejaculation
  • Temporary augmentation effect

Men who have trouble with sex, such as, for example, will be able to enjoy it with confidence, especially if they have trouble with sex.

A minor category of sex toys, but there’s actually quite a variety of cock rings!

There are various types of silicone type with high elasticity, metal type for advanced users, and electric type with vibe function.

If you are a beginner, let’s start with the basic silicone type.

It’s dangerous to try on a size that doesn’t fit, so it’s best to buy a size that has some leeway.

It’s also safe to keep your pubic hair trimmed when you use it to prevent entrapment.


Condoms are synonymous with contraceptives that we all know about.

They are also used to enjoy safe sex and to safely use sex toys such as vibrators and dildos.

You can get them at pharmacies and convenience stores, so make sure you always have enough stock of them so you don’t run out.

They can be scented, flavored, or have an uneven surface, which helps to enhance sex.

However, the purpose of condoms is just that: contraception.

If you choose an inexpensive condom, it will be ruined if it rips or has holes in it, so it’s best to buy from a reliable manufacturer.

Also, some people are allergic to certain materials, so don’t continue to use condoms that are not compatible with your body.


A dildo is a sex toy that mimics the shape of a male organ.
They tend to be avoided because of their slightly graphic appearance, but they are widely supported by women who like to masturbate.
A vibrator is the most popular sex toy for inserting into the vagina, but a dildo can be used in a different way.
The fact is, however, there are advantages of dildos.

  • You can orgasm.
  • We can practice riding
  • You’ll have both hands free.
  • It will last longer because it doesn’t break down.

It’s especially great for women who feel good about masturbation but not enough about sex to find out what makes them feel good!

There are so many different types that it’s easy to get confused, but if you’re a beginner, start with the smaller sizes and the ones with suction cups.

And if you want to use it for a long time, it’s important to maintain good hygiene.

Cleaning them thoroughly after use and wearing a condom when you use them again will make them safer.


When it comes to sex toys for men, Masturbators are ironclad.

‘I need to masturbate better!

I’m getting stuck in a rut with masturbation…

It is a strong ally for men who want stronger stimulation and change.

Broadly speaking, there are two types: the “penetration type” and the “non-penetration type”.

The penetrating type is less stimulating, but the advantages of the penetrating type are that most of them are inexpensive and easy to keep clean.

However, if you want to feel the sensation close to sex, the standard non-penetrating type is still recommended.

If this is your first time using Masturbators, take the following precautions.

  • Clean them carefully after you take them out of the box.
  • Always prepare Lubricant.
  • Wash and dry carefully after use.

Follow these points and enjoy masturbation that feels several times better than usual.

Magic Wand Vibrators

Magic Wand Vibrators was originally an abbreviation for an electric massage machine.

As the name suggests, it is essentially a health device, but it is now one of the top known and most popular sex toys for women.

It is used to enhance masturbation and sex by placing the vibrating head against the nipple or clitoris when it is turned on.

  • I want to masturbate without worrying about the time and the partner.
  • I’m worried about damaging my clitoris with my nails.
  • I can’t get enough of sex with him.

It is especially popular among women who find the clitoris more comfortable than the vagina.

When using it for the first time, it is important to gradually increase the intensity in stages so that you don’t use it with strong vibrations all of a sudden.

There is also quite a wide range in terms of the presence or absence of cords, the intensity of the vibration, and the size of the head, which makes it difficult for beginners to choose.


When it comes to Lubricant, everyone knows it’s a sex toy classic.

  • It increases the sensitivity of caresses.
  • Reduces pain during insertion

It has the effect of making masturbation and sex even more exciting with its slippery texture.

However, even if it is called Lubricant, the ingredient and the use are various.

It is important to use properly according to the purpose, such as the one with a flavor, the one with a scent, the one that can be used for penetration, and the one for massage.

It is important to choose the right one according to the purpose of use because there is a risk of causing harm to your body if you use it incorrectly.


A vibrator is a sex toy that is inserted into the vagina.

It is stimulated by vibrations and does not orgasm during sex, not to mention masturbation.

It is often used by women for the purpose of vaginal development.

By the way, the type that does not vibrate is called a dildo (see below).

There are many different types to choose from, depending on the shape and material, the location you want to stimulate, and even the type of vibration.

There are various types of condoms available, but it is best to choose one that is made of soft elastomer and not too large.

It is recommended to put a condom over the condom when you use it and wash it thoroughly afterwards to maintain double hygiene.

Love Doll

“I’m tired of being in love with women…

‘I’m afraid of women… But I want to have sex with them!

I want to be with the most beautiful woman in the world!

The fleshlight girl is a sex toy that can make a man’s dream come true.

A fleshlight girl is a doll with a shape and texture similar to that of a real woman.

When you hear the word “fleshlight girl,” you might think of a plastic balloon, but more and more of them are so elaborate that you wouldn’t even know they were real women.

The fleshlight girl has a built-in metal skeleton, so you can pose her in any pose you like for viewing or photography.

Many of them can also be fitted with Masturbators, so you can enjoy pseudo-sex with a picture-perfect beauty.

The only thing to note is the price.

A silicon fleshlight girl can cost quite a bit more, about 500,000-600,000 yen per unit.

Depending on the material, you can buy them cheaper than silicon love dolls, but you have to keep in mind that the texture and durability may be inferior.

How to choose a sex toy

We’ve introduced you to 10 different sex toys so far, but have you found one you like?

Some of them are due to the fact that there are too many different types of

‘I can’t choose what’s best for me, this is not the best choice…’

You may be confused by the following two criteria.

If that’s the case for you, we recommend you to choose based on the following two criteria.

  • Search only for products with high review ratings.
  • Try it out for an affordable price.

There are many kinds of sex toys, and it is rare to find the one you are meant to buy with one shot.

Therefore, you should try to make your choice based on the “reputation of the people around you + trial first” feeling.

A note on sex toys

This is an attractive sex toy, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • (1) Get approval if you use it with your partner.
  • (2) Complete hygiene control
  • (3) First of all, use it correctly.

This is an important point for safe and comfortable use.
We will briefly touch on each of them.

Attention 1: Ask for permission when using it with your partner

Women in particular may have some insecurities about sex toys.
Talk to them beforehand and choose one together if possible, so that they don’t take it out suddenly during sex and cause anxiety.

Carefulness 2: Use good hygiene

Many sex toys are in direct contact with mucous membranes.
Be sure to clean them clean before and after use and store them correctly in the manner specified.
If they are mismanaged and bacteria are attached to them, they can cause STDs, so be especially careful.

Care 3: First of all, use it correctly

Strictly follow the instructions for use and precautions, especially if you are new to the product.
Do not use it in any way other than as specified to injure your body or use a disposable sex toy in any other way.

Sex Toy Summary

Have you found a sex toy that you like?
It’s hard to ask around about sex toys, but they are slowly becoming more and more popular, and it’s becoming common knowledge to have them.
First of all, try out one of the products you are interested in and feel the appeal of sex toys.

If you want to buy sex toys, mail order over the store!
The site also has a number of word-of-mouth reviews that can be used as a criterion for selection, so even first-time users can feel comfortable.

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