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How to lubricant masturbation – What is the best lubricant?

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Masturbating with lubricant will bring you new pleasure and benefits.

Do you feel bored when you masturbate?

Many men change the way they masturbate or use tools to relieve the boredom.

In particular, masturbation with lubricant is recommended because it provides strong pleasure and also prevents premature ejaculation.

  • I usually masturbate a lot.
  • I want a change in masturbation.
  • I want to enjoy the pleasure similar to sex.

This is what you should read if you have such desires.

I’m going to introduce how to masturbate using lubricant and the best lubricant.

How to masturbate with lubricant

The method of lubricant masturbation is very simple.

Just apply lubricant to your penis and enjoy masturbating with your right hand as usual.

This is how lubricant masturbation is done.

The key is to slowly move your hand back and forth from the tip of the penis to the base.

When I tried lubricant masturbation for the first time, I couldn’t help but shout out at the pleasure I felt.

This is because the sensation was completely different from the masturbation and sex I had done before.

I also realized that the type of lubricant I used gave me a different feeling.

What is the best lubricant for masturbation?

There are many types of lubricant, and each has different characteristics.

While there are many types, I recommend choosing from these three types for masturbation.

  • High viscosity lubricant
  • Warm lubricant
  • Scented lubricant

Although they are the same lubricant, they have completely different characteristics.

You can enjoy even more pleasant lubricant masturbation by choosing the right lubricant according to your preference.

I will now introduce the characteristics of each lubricant and who I recommend it to.

High-viscosity lubricant

I particularly like the high viscosity lubricant.

The whole penis is covered with the slippery lubricant, and you can enjoy the strange feeling of being stimulated by something else, even though you are using your right hand.

The friction between your hand and penis is reduced, so you can enjoy masturbating for a long time.

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Features of High Viscosity Lubricant

  • The unknown pleasure that is different from masturbation and sex.
  • It dries up easily, so you need to pour more.
  • Friction is reduced, so you can enjoy masturbation for a long time.

Warm sensation lubricant

Warm lubricant has a strange feature that makes the area where it is applied warm.

This feature promotes the blood circulation of the penis and makes it more sensitive than usual.

The sensation when masturbating is similar to the sensation of inserting it into a woman’s vagina.

I like the warm sensation lubricant as much as I like the high viscosity lubricant.

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Features of Warm Lubricant

  • Warmth of the applied area.
  • Increase the sensitivity of your penis.
  • You can get a sensation similar to a woman’s vagina.

Scented lubricant

If you want to change up your stimulation, scented lubricant can be effective.

You can choose from chocolate, fruit, mint, and many others.

I haven’t used them much, but they seem to enhance arousal by smelling good during masturbation.

It also helps to remove the smell of penis.

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Features of Scented Lubricant

  • You can choose from a variety of scents.
  • You can choose from a variety of scents to enhance your arousal.
  • It can eliminate the smell of penis.

How to enhance the pleasure of lubricant masturbation

Just using the three types of lubricant introduced above is enough to enjoy a pleasant masturbation.

However, wouldn’t you be curious if I told you that there is a way to increase the pleasure even more?

For that, you will need two tools.

  • Using Masturbators
  • Use a stocking

When combined with lubricant, you will be shocked at the pleasure you will experience.

Using Masturbators

Masturbators are tools that replicate a woman’s vagina.

They are essential tools for pleasurable masturbation and have many users around the world.

I masturbate every day, and masturbators are indispensable to me.

For example, Fleshlight is a well-known example.

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To use Masturbators, you need lubricant. inject lubricant inside the Masturbator and insert your penis.

Then, you can get a wonderful feeling as if you are having sex.

For more information about Masturbators, click here.

Use stockings

Now you are probably thinking, “What do I use stockings for?

You’re probably thinking, “What do I use stockings for?

In fact, I recently learned how to use stockings for lubricant masturbation.

It’s easy to do, just wrap your penis in a stocking containing lubricant and masturbate.

You can enjoy a unique pleasure that is different from that of your hand.

Another popular option is to use women’s underwear!

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However, be careful not to use a hard cloth as it may damage your penis.

Benefits of lubricant masturbation

Lubricant masturbation can give you a change in your masturbation.

However, the beauty of lubricant masturbation is not only that.

  • Pleasant sensation similar to sex
  • Improvement of premature ejaculation

In other words, lubricant masturbation can bring you both the pleasure of sex and the health of your penis. This is a very attractive thing.

Pleasure similar to sex

Masturbating with lubricant allows you to enjoy pleasure that is very close to sex.

This is because you can masturbate with the same slippery feeling as a woman’s vagina.

Which do you prefer, masturbation or sex?

…Most men, including you, would probably answer that it is both.

In other words, lubricant masturbation is the best masturbation method for you.

Improving effects of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a form of ejaculation disorder.

Lubricant masturbation is a very effective way to improve premature ejaculation.

One of the causes of premature ejaculation is that the penis is too sensitive to stimulation, and by using lubricant to reduce friction, you can get the penis used to the stimulation.

You can prevent premature ejaculation just by enjoying lubricant masturbation.

For more information about premature ejaculation, click here.

Precautions for lubricant masturbation

Although this is such an attractive lubricant masturbation, you have to follow two cautions. That is….

  • Observe the expiration date.
  • Always rinse it off.

These are the two points. You may find this a bit troublesome.

However, as long as you follow these, lubricant masturbation has no disadvantages whatsoever.

Be sure to follow this rule when you try lubricant masturbation.

Observe the expiration date

Lubricant has a use-by date.

lubricant degrades when it is exposed to air, so once you open the package, it will deteriorate over time.

Applying that lubricant to the penis can cause irritation and infection.

However, lubricant may not have an expiration date listed on it.

To be on the safe side, I am careful not to use lubricant after six months of opening the package.

To remind you of this, I recommend that you write the date of opening on the bottle of lubricant.

Make sure to rinse it off

After using lubricant, be sure to rinse it off.

If left untreated, the lubricant can feed on bacteria and cause inflammation of the penis.

Also, some lubricants have moisture-absorbing properties, and leaving them on your penis can be a problem.

Balanitis is an inflammation of the glans, or the head, of the penis, due to infection or another cause.

What to know about balanitis

It may seem troublesome to take a shower right after masturbation, but be sure to rinse it off cleanly so that you can continue to enjoy masturbation.


How was it? lubricant masturbation is gaining popularity because you can enjoy masturbation with a feeling similar to sex.

In addition, by understanding the features of lubricant, the pleasure is further enhanced.

Moreover, it is also an effective way to solve premature ejaculation, which many men suffer from.

There is no downside to using this product as long as you follow these two guidelines: the expiration date and always clean it.

I hope you will try this pleasant experience.

If you want to buy lubricant in India, I recommend you to visit this online store.

In addition to lubricant, there are many other types of masturbation. Click here to continue.

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