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7 best masturbation tools for Indian men

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In India, there are many tools that can help men masturbate.

Using these tools will make your masturbation more wonderful.

Here are some of my favorites…

  • Fleshlight
  • Masturbator
  • Sex Doll
  • Penis Ring
  • Anal Toy
  • Vibrator
  • Lubricant

Have you ever used any of these tools to enjoy masturbation?

No way, you haven’t? It’s a shame if that is the case.

Because it is natural for men to want to masturbate in a pleasurable way.

Of course, I use it every day.

I want to tell you about the different types of masturbation tools and how wonderful they are through this article.

7 types of masturbation tools

There are many types of masturbation tools, and men all over the world are using them to enjoy pleasurable masturbation.

Since I started using masturbation tools, I have come to love masturbation even more.

I will now introduce the tools in detail.


The Fleshlight is the most famous masturbation tool in the world.

Inside the case, which looks like a flashlight, is an artificial vagina made of soft material.

Lubricant is injected into the vagina, and when the penis is inserted, it gives the user the pleasure of sex.

Here is a video of it in use.

This is amazing! And there are many types. For example…

  • Fellatio type
  • Anal type
  • Porn star type
  • With suction cups

Each of them has completely different characteristics. With the Fleshlight, you can enjoy sex alone.

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Features of Fleshlight
  • Fleshlight is supported by men all over the world.
  • Enjoy the same feeling as a real vagina.
  • You can choose from a variety of types.

For more information about Fleshlight, click here.


The Masturbator is a masturbation tool that reproduces a woman’s vagina, just like the Fleshlight.

Here is a video of it in use.

Of course, just like the Fleshlight, there are many different types. For example…

  • Fellatio type
  • Anal type
  • Electric type
  • Boob type
  • Stationary type

There are many more variations than Fleshlight, and they are now gradually becoming more popular in India.

The one I particularly like is the stationary type, which has both vaginal and anal functions.

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Features of Masturbator
  • The Masturbator provides a pleasure similar to that of a woman’s vagina.
  • There are more varieties than Fleshlight.
  • Increasingly popular in India.

For more information about Masturbator, click here.

Sex Doll

A sex doll is a doll that looks just like a woman, but with a masturbator so that you can have sex with it.

There are many kinds of dolls, such as vinyl dolls that are inflated with air, and silicone dolls that have the same texture as a real woman.

The silicone ones are especially amazing.

It looks just like a woman, so you can enjoy the excitement from its appearance as well.

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Features of Sex Doll
  • You can experience sex.
  • You can also enjoy dressing her up and taking pictures of her.
  • You can get mental peace of mind.

For more information about Sex Doll, click here.

Penis Ring

The Penis Ring is a ring-shaped tool that is attached to the base of the penis, and we have prepared a video on how to attach the Penis Ring.

When you wear the Penis Ring, you can delay your ejaculation.

You can enjoy the time until ejaculation longer than usual.

This is ideal for men who feel that masturbation is boring because they ejaculate too soon.

This is a great tool for men who feel that way.

However, prolonged use may damage the penis, so use it for no more than 20 minutes at a time.

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Features of the Penis Ring
  • Increase the time until ejaculation.
  • Makes your penis harder than usual.
  • Can be used for sex.

For more information about Penis Ring, click here.

Anal Toy

Anal Toy, as the name suggests, is a tool that you insert into your anus for fun.

Anal masturbation is a popular form of masturbation with enthusiasts all over the world, although men who have never experienced it may wonder why.

In particular, dry orgasm, which is achieved by stimulating the prostate gland at the back of the anus, is known to give more pleasure than ejaculation.

Dry orgasm, or orgasmic anejaculation, means that orgasm occurs without ejaculation, so the penis does not release semen as usual.

What to know about dry orgasms

There are various types of tools available. For example….

  • Butt Plug
  • Anal Beads
  • Prostate Toys
  • Anal Dildos
  • Anal Vibrators

Depending on the Anal Toy you use, the stimulation and usage will be completely different, which makes it very enjoyable.

If you are a man who is looking for strong pleasure, try anal masturbation.

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Features of anal masturbation
  • The pleasure is stronger than ejaculation.
  • There are many kinds of tools.
  • You need to follow the correct procedure.

For more information on how to do anal masturbation, click here.


The Vibrator is a tool that stimulates by vibration.

It is mainly used to stimulate women’s sex zones, but it can also be used for male masturbation.

It is especially popular for nipple masturbation. In fact, the male nipple is one of the sexually sensitive areas.

This is where the vibrator comes in handy.

This is where the vibrator comes in handy, as it can help you achieve the aforementioned dry orgasm.

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Features of nipple masturbation
  • You can have a dry orgasm.
  • The pleasure gradually becomes stronger.
  • Your body will not get dirty.


Lubricant is a highly viscous liquid.

When you apply this to your penis, you can enjoy masturbation with a slippery feeling.

Here is a video to help you visualize it.

There are also various types of Lubricant. For example….

  • High Viscosity Lubricant
  • Warm Lubricant
  • Fragrant Lubricant

You can enjoy different stimulation with each of them. Of course, it can also be used for sex, so it is a tool you should have.

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Features of Lubricant masturbation
  • The slippery texture feels good.
  • The pleasure varies depending on the Lubricant you use.
  • It can prevent premature ejaculation.

For more information about how to masturbate with Lubricant, click here.

How to buy masturbation tools in India

It is difficult to buy masturbation tools in India.

This is because selling them is not allowed in India.

You won’t even be able to find a store offline. So I buy from online stores.

There are many products to choose from, and you can also check the popular products from other users.

Here is an online store that I often use.

They also deliver within India, so you can buy with confidence.

There is also masturbation without using tools

Actually, there are various ways to masturbate.

Some of them utilize masturbation tools, such as the one introduced here, while others do not require tools.

The more you know about the different types of masturbation, the more pleasure you can get.

For more information on the various ways to masturbate, click here.

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