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Fleshlight Guide for Indians – Want to know why it’s so popular?

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This article will tell you everything you need to know about Fleshlight.

Fleshlight is a tool that makes male masturbation more comfortable.

Its popularity is spreading all over the world, and India is no exception.

Many Indian men use Fleshlight to enjoy comfortable masturbation.

It is the same for me.

I still remember the pleasure I felt the first time I used the Fleshlight.

Since then, I have used many Fleshlights.

This article is written for Indian men who have never heard of Fleshlight.

I want to let you know what Fleshlight is all about.

Read this to the end and know the appeal of Fleshlight.

What is Fleshlight?

Here is the introduction video of Fleshlight.

Fleshlight is, simply put, an artificial vagina.

A man can insert his penis into this vagina, which comes in a case that looks just like a flashlight, and enjoy the best masturbation.

Fleshlight was born in the United States, but now it is loved by men all over the world.

Of course, India is no exception.

In India, too, since the existence of Fleshlight became known, many men have become addicted to its charms.

And of course, so am I.

So what is it about Fleshlight that has made it so popular?

Reasons for Fleshlight’s popularity

There are two main reasons why Fleshlight is so popular: one is that it gives you more pleasure than right hand masturbation.

The other reason is that the pleasure of Fleshlight is very close to that of sex.

Which do you prefer, sex or masturbation?

Most men would probably have a hard time answering.

Fleshlight satisfies both of these desires.

What more reason do you need?

It’s that simple, and that’s why Fleshlight is so popular.

It also has other benefits such as improving premature ejaculation and maintaining the function of the penis.

For more information on the benefits of Fleshlight, click here.

So, how does this Fleshlight work?

How to use Fleshlight

Using Fleshlight is easy.

Just remember these steps, and you will be able to use Fleshlight comfortably.

  1. Prepare a space where you can relax.
  2. Clean the Fleshlight.
  3. Inject the lubricant.
  4. Insert and piston your penis.
  5. Ejaculate and clean.

Here’s a digest video of how to use it.

However, the lubricant is the only thing you need to prepare separately, so don’t forget to order it when you buy the Fleshlight.

The lubricant used in the video is here.

Nururun Lube -ぬるるん – 200ml
RS 850
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Once you have the Fleshlight and lubricant, all you have to do is insert your penis and enjoy the best masturbation you can.

Also, keep the Fleshlight clean and you can enjoy it 100 times over.

For more information on how to use the Fleshlight, click here.

Types of Fleshlight

There are many types of Fleshlight, and those who have only recently learned of its existence will be surprised by this.

  1. Basic Fleshlight
  2. Blowjob type Fleshlight
  3. Anal type Fleshlight
  4. Fleshlight for porn star
  5. Fleshlight with suction cup
  6. Fleshlight of transparent material
  7. Compact size fleshlight

Each of these Fleshlights has completely different characteristics.

Knowing this will help you get a stronger sense of excitement and pleasure.

Here are the detailed features of each and how to buy them in India.

I will now introduce the features of these Fleshlights.

Basic Fleshlight

This is the most popular type of Fleshlight, and the one with the most users.

This is the type I chose at first.

And I was right. You will feel such a pleasant sensation that you will regret that you have not used Fleshlight before.

The basic Fleshlight is recommended for the following people
  • First time using Fleshlight
  • Want to experience a more pleasant masturbation
  • Want to change the way you masturbate.
Vaginal Male Masturbator
RS 3482
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blowjob type Fleshlight

A woman’s mouth is reproduced in the blowjob type.

You can get the excitement as if you are being blowjobbed by a real woman.

It is recommended for men who like to be blowjobed and for men who have never experienced blowjobs before.

I recommend this type of blowjob to the following people.
  • I like blowjobs.
  • Likes to be stimulated by suction
  • Want to get excited by sight.
RS 3482
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Anal type Fleshlight

This is a fleshlight that replicates a woman’s anus, and like the blowjob type, it doesn’t just replicate the appearance.

This Fleshlight has a very small insertion hole, so you can enjoy the strong tightening sensation of real anal.

This is a completely different pleasure from the basic Fleshlight.

If you are a man who wants to simulate anal sex, choose the anal type.

Anal type is recommended for
  • You are interested in anal sex.
  • You want to experience strong tightness.
  • You like strong stimulation.
RS 3482
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Porn Actress Fleshlight

This Fleshlight is a reproduction of the vagina of a famous porn star.

As for the performance, it is the same as the basic Fleshlight, so it is suitable for your first Fleshlight.

You can enjoy the feeling of actually having sex with a porn star, so it’s perfect for imaginative men.

By the way, I prefer Alexis Texas, who is introduced below.

I recommend this type of porno actress to the following people
  • You want to get excited from your imagination.
  • You have a favorite porn star.
  • You are buying Fleshlight for the first time.
FLESHLIGHT Girls Alexis Texas
RS 4600
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Fleshlight with suction cup

This Fleshlight can be enjoyed in a completely different way than other Fleshlights.

By placing the suction cup attached to this Fleshlight on the floor or wall, you can enjoy masturbating by shaking your hips as if you were having sex.

Of course, you can also hold it in your right hand and masturbate.

If you want to enjoy masturbation in various ways, I recommend the one with suction cups.

Fleshlight with suction cup is recommended for you.
  • You want to feel more like sex.
  • You want to masturbate in a variety of positions.
  • You already have another Fleshlight.f
Piston Master LIPS TYPE Piston Master LIPS TYPE
RS 4284
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Fleshlight made of transparent material

The Fleshlight is made of transparent material both inside and outside, and is especially popular among gay men because they can get excited by watching the penis moving inside the Fleshlight.

However, when I used it, I didn’t get the sensation of it sticking to my penis.

Is it the difference in material?

So if you’re looking to buy one for the first time, the basic Fleshlight is the way to go.

The transparent type is recommended for the following people
  • Gay men.
  • Want to see the penis moving inside.
  • Want to see the moment of ejaculation.
Vaginal Male Masturbator Clear
RS 4,900
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Compact size Fleshlight

This is a small size Fleshlight.

It is about 1/3 the weight of the basic Fleshlight, so it is recommended for men who feel that the regular Fleshlight is too heavy.

Also, its small size makes it easy to store and clean.

However, it is not long enough and will not be able to stimulate the entire penis.

The compact size is recommended for the following people
  • The other Fleshlight feels heavy.
  • You don’t want your family to find the Fleshlight.
  • The cleaning work is troublesome.
Fleshlight Quickshot Boost
RS 5540
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Points to keep in mind when using Fleshlight

There are two things you need to be aware of when using the Fleshlight.

The first is that you must have a lubricant, without which you will not be able to insert your penis.

One is to always prepare a lubricant.

The second is to clean the Fleshlight before and after each use.

Keeping the Fleshlight clean is essential to protect your penis.

For more information on how to properly wash and store your Fleshlight, click here.

How to buy Fleshlight in India

Buying Fleshlight in India is not an easy task.

This is because it is not officially allowed to sell Fleshlight in India.

So it would be difficult to find a store that sells Fleshlight offline.

By the way, I have never been to a store.

Even if I could find one, it would rarely have a sufficient selection or quality. So, how can I use Fleshlight?

How to buy Fleshlight in India at a reasonable price?

I buy Fleshlight from an online store.

Online stores have a large selection of products and you can also check the ratings from other users.

However, you should choose the online store you buy from carefully.

This is because Fleshlight is very expensive in some stores.

Here is an online store that I often use.

I recommend it because they deliver within India, so you can buy with confidence.

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