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Seven techniques to further enhance the pleasure of the masturbator!

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The masturbator you’re using can feel better by how you use it?

Hello everyone. Are you enjoying your masturbation?

Masturbators are a great partner in multiplying the pleasure of masturbation.

I set up this blog to spread the word about it.

But at the same time, I was surprised to find that many people are not using masturbators to their fullest potential.

Masturbators are pleasurable enough as is to use normally.

However, the pleasure can be enhanced further by being creative in how you use it.

What do you think? Aren’t you interested?

So here are seven techniques that are practiced by users who have enjoyed masturbation for a long time to further enhance their pleasure.

There are many of them that can be practiced right away, so please make use of them when you start masturbating today.

The basic use of masturbator?

Before I show you some masturbation techniques, let’s first review the basic masturbation techniques. The procedure is as follows.

  1. Wash it thoroughly before using it.
  2. Inject lubricant.
  3. Remove the air and insert your penis.
  4. Savor the pleasure until you ejaculate.

Always clean your masturbator before and after using it.

This is essential for safe masturbation and for enjoyment of the masturbator.

Then, the lubricant for smooth insertion is injected, and the air is taken out and inserted in order to make it adhere to the penis.

There are a lot of people who do not do this process of taking out the air unexpectedly.

Remember to practice this process, as it has a great impact on the pleasure of the masturbator!

For more information on how to use and pay attention to masturbation, click here.

You haven’t mastered the masturbator yet

Most users of masturbators only enjoy using masturbators in the simple ways mentioned above.

Of course, the masturbator still makes you feel good enough.

But if you change the way you masturbate, for example, the stimulation changes, right?

With sex, changing positions changes the stimulation, right?

In the same way, the stimulation of masturbation can be greatly changed by devising how to use the Masturbator.

Techniques to enjoy masturbation

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and introduce some techniques to increase the pleasure of the masturbator.

Of course, it feels good enough to use it normally, but if you introduce a little bit of creativity, the stimulation will change completely.

Let’s practice the ones you like.

  • Warm the masturbator to around body temperature.
  • Use multiple masturbators.
  • Use the masturbator while rotating it.
  • Wear a penis ring.
  • Foreplay on the masturbator to increase arousal.
  • Use a warming lubricant.
  • Combined with nipple masturbation.

There are a variety of techniques that can be practiced right away, as well as some that involve a combination of tools.

Humans are a luxury, and no matter how great the pleasure of masturbation is, you’ll slowly get used to it after repeated use.

Use the techniques to vary and enjoy them.

1. Warm the Masturbator to human skin

The pleasure of masturbation is very similar to that of a woman’s vagina.

The only difference is its warmth. Therefore, warming the Masturbator to match the human skin before inserting the penis will help you enjoy the sensation more like a realistic woman’s vagina.

There are many possible ways to warm the masturbator, but the easiest way is to dip it in hot water.

It depends on the size of the Masturbator, but if you put it in hot water of about 50 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes, it will warm up to around body temperature.

By the way, it is dangerous to put it in the microwave.

Also, since the main ingredient of masturbators is oil, be careful not to let it get too hot or it may deform.

2. Use multiple masturbators

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There are many types of masturbators and each one stimulates you completely differently.

So, if you find a masturbator that you like, it is recommended that you buy a different kind of masturbator and use depending on each purpose.

  • Hand masturbators
  • Flesh Light
  • Blowjob type
  • Anal Type
  • Electric Masturbators
  • Boobies type
  • Sex doll

There are various types of masturbation dolls, such as the blow job type that allows you to feel strong suction, electric masturbation holes that allow you to masturbate without using your hands, and sex dolls that allow you to have simulated sex.

There are many more types if you divide them further. By the way, I recommend the blow job type and the sex doll.

For more information about the different types of masturbators, click here.

3. Use the masturbator while rotating it

If you want to take your time to enjoy the pleasures of ejaculation, you can enjoy spinning your masturbator.

You may be surprised that many of you have never experienced this.

The internal structure of the masturbator is completely different for each product.

Of course, the basic idea is to move it up and down to get the pleasure from it.

However, depending on the type of masturbator, rotating it can give you a completely different stimulation.

I often use this method when I feel savoring the pleasure more slowly until ejaculationi.

I don’t reach ejaculation with this, but the lateral stimulation is nice and fresh.

4. Put on a penis ring

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One of my favorites is the combination of a masturbator and a penis ring.

The penis ring is a useful tool to wear with the purpose of preventing premature ejaculation, mainly during sex.

If you wear it at the base of your penis to masturbate, it takes longer to ejaculate than usual and you can enjoy the stimulation of the masturbation slowly.

Moreover, the penis ring also greatly enhances the pleasure of ejaculation.

The combination of the masturbator that gives you the best pleasure and the penis ring that increases the pleasure of ejaculation is the best combination.

Some people also use a penis ring wrapped around the masturbation hole to change the shape of the hole.

If you’re new to penis rings, here’s an article about them.

5. Foreplay on the masturbator to increase arousal

Sexual excitement is an essential part of masturbation.

One of the best ways to increase that excitement is to think of your masturbator as a real vagina and engage in foreplay.

You can try watching pornographic videos and groping a lubricant-infused masturbator to get you in the mood.

Some people even do cunnilingus on their masturbators when they are more advanced.

As expected, I have not experienced cunnilingus on the masturbator.

However, it is true that the slippery feeling inside the masturbator can increase your sexual arousal.

I know some men may be resistant to it, but I encourage you to give it a try.

6. Use a warming lubricant

Warming Lubricting gel 100g
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Lubrication is essential when using masturbators.

There are actually various types of lubricants.

There are a variety of them, such as those made for anal and penetration, which are designed for the content of sex, and those made for the purpose of enhancing sex, such as scented and warming types.

And the one I would most recommend is the warming lubricant.

Warming lubricants, which get warm when applied, make the pleasure of masturbation more like a woman’s vagina.

As your penis warms up and blood flow improves, so does your sensitivity.

If you want to feel more pleasure and have a more sex-like sensation, you should pay attention to the lubricant.

7. Combine with nipple masturbation

Combining it with non-penis masturbation can also be effective.

Of all the masturbation methods available, I would recommend nipple masturbation the most.

Some of you may be new to this, but a man’s nipples are actually sexual organs as well, and repeated stimulation will gradually give you more pleasure.

As it develops, you can also experience dry orgasm, a pleasure that goes beyond ejaculation.

A dry orgasm is the greatest pleasure that anyone who loves to masturbate will ever experience.

If you move your masturbator with your right hand and stimulate your nipples with your free left hand, you will gradually start to experience amazingly strong pleasure.


What did you think?

Masturbators, of course, feel great when used as they are, but they can be used even more pleasurably with some creativity.

Advanced masturbaters change the way they use the masturbator and combine other tools and masturbation to enhance the pleasure.

By the way, my recommendation is to use a combination of masturbation and cock ring.

You will definitely find the best technique for you in these seven techniques I’ve described in this article.

Let’s get even more out of the masturbation and enjoy masturbation!

To you who want the best masturbation…

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