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Proper way to use a Fleshlight to get the best pleasure

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If you’re new to Fleshlight, learn how to use it properly in this article.

Fleshlight gives a man the greatest pleasure.

Some people describe the pleasure as far beyond the usual masturbatioin with hands and more than just sex.

That’s why Fleshlight is loved by men all over the world.

But some of them, surprisingly, don’t know how to use Fleshlight properly.

In particular, how to regulate the stimulation of Fleshlight.

If you know this, you’ll be able to enjoy the Fleshlight even more pleasurably.

So, in this article, I will introduce the correct way to use Fleshlight for beginners to feel its pleasure to the fullest.

For a beginner’s guide to Fleshlight, click here.

What do I need to prepare before using Fleshlight?

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First, here are a few things you need to prepare to enjoy Fleshlight comfortably.

  • Sex lubricant
  • condoms

I may not have to go out of my way to introduce this to you.

The details of why this is necessary are outlined below.

I’m sure many of you already know this, but I recommend you check it out as a confirmation.

Sex lubricant

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Sex lubricant is absolutely essential.

The material of Fleshlight has a tendency to stick to the skin, so if you don’t apply any lube, the friction is too strong to insert.

Even if you are able to insert it, don’t ever do it because it will be painful and you won’t be able to get it out.

You need to use lubricant to prevent that from happening.

The lubricant is injected before inserting the penis to reduce the friction between the Fleshlight and the penis.

There are also many different types of this lubricant, so I recommend that you enjoy using different types of lubricant.

Click here for lubricant that works well with Fleshlight.

Do not use silicone lotion

There are many types of lotions.

However, if your goal is to use it on Fleshlight, you should not choose a silicone lotion because it will deform the material of Fleshlight.

This is because silicone lotions will deform the material of Fleshlight.

If you use a silicone lotion unknowingly, it will cause the life of Fleshlight to be shortened.

So be careful with the material of the lotion.


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Condoms are not essential, but they are useful.

This is because Fleshlight is a tool that you insert your penis directly into it for enjoyment, and there is a risk of inflammation of the penis if there is any dirt or anything else inside.

Of course, as long as you keep it clean, it’s not a problem, but there is a risk if you do.

Condoms are a very effective way to avoid such risks.

This also has the added benefit of making it easier to clean after use.

However, the feeling is somewhat reduced, so you should decide for yourself whether you want to take the safety or the pleasure out of it.

What is the right way to use a Fleshlight?

So here’s the thing.

For beginners, I will show you how to use Fleshlight properly.

Let’s follow these steps to enjoy the Fleshlight.

  • Clean the Fleshlight.
  • Inject lubricant.
  • Insert your penis.
  • Open and close the cap to adjust the stimulation.

As such, we do not insert the penis right away.

The use of a Fleshlight begins with cleaning.

We’ll go into detail on why and how to do each of these steps.

1. Cleaning the Fleshlight

Fleshlight out of the box, clean it first.

This is because even if it’s a brand new Freshlight, it may have dirt and debris on it from the factory during the shipping process.

If it causes damage to your penis or irritation, you’ll be in trouble, so be sure to clean it.

The procedure of cleaning it before use should also be done the next time you use the Fleshlight.

Many men may find it tedious, but remember to do it because it avoids the risk of what happens if you do.

2. Inject the lubricant

After cleaning and wiping off the water, you can inject the lubricant into the insertion opening of the Fleshlight.

The lubricant used in the video is here.

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It is necessary to wet the insertion opening and the inside of the penis firmly so that the penis does not get caught when you insert it.

If you put too much lube in, it will be a hassle to clean up afterwards, and it may drip from the bottom, so be careful.

It is recommended to start out with a small amount, and if you feel it’s not enough, pour more little by little. Also, you should apply lubricant to your penis to help it penetrate smoothly.

3. Insert the penis

Once you have your penis erect and have applied enough lubricant, it’s time to insert it.

Focus on your penis and slowly insert your penis into the interior of the Fleshlight.

I can still remember this feeling the first time I used Fleshlight.

A soft, almost sex-like sensation enveloped my penis that was completely different from any other masturbation I had ever done.

You will feel the same sensation that I felt.

Move the Fleshlight at any pace you like and enjoy the best masturbation you can get.

4. Open and close the cap to adjust the stimulation

And finally, here’s what you need to do to feel good when using the Fleshlight.

The key is the cap on the bottom.

The stimulation of the Fleshlight is weaker when you open the bottom cap and stronger when you close it.

The difference is huge, so you should enjoy it at your preferred strength as you change it up.

By the way, I recommend opening the cap first and then closing the cap after inserting the penis to the base.

Then you will feel a strong suction force, as if your penis is being sucked into the Fleshlight.

The sensation is very similar to a blow job.

How to feel even more pleasure from fleshlight

Want to further enhance the pleasure of fleshlight?

Actually, there’s a great way to do it.

For example, it is effective to apply the following innovations.

  • Warm up fleshlight
  • Place fleshlight somewhere so it becomes stationary
  • Wear a Penis Ring

Of course, you are interested, right?

We will now introduce each of these methods.

If you see something you’re interested in, give it a try right away.

Click here to learn how to use Fleshlight even more comfortably.

Warm up fleshlight

Warming up the fleshlight can make it feel more like a woman’s vagina.

To warm up fleshlight, there are also special tools to do it, but it is not necessarily required.

My recommendation is to put the silicone part of the fleshlight inside in hot water.

However, you need to be careful about the temperature.

Too much heat can cause the silicone to deform or melt.

It is best to warm up for about 10-20 minutes in hot water around 50 degrees.

Placing fleshlight somewhere so it becomes stationary

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By fixing the fleshlight on something, you can experience further pleasure.

Because you can enjoy thrusting your hips without using your hands.

This is no longer masturbation, but sex.

There are various ways to fix fleshlight in places.

For example, you can put fleshlight in a shoe, tuck it between the bed and mattress, or wrap a towel around it.

It is also a good idea to use a fleshlight with suction cups, such as this one.

Wear a Penis Ring

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This is a method I would strongly recommend.

A penis ring is a silicone ring that is attached to the base of the penis.

It is a tool mainly used to prevent premature ejaculation in sex.

Wearing a penis ring prevents you from ejaculating too soon and allows you to enjoy masturbation for longer.

And it also enhances the pleasure of ejaculation.

It can be purchased inexpensively, so if you want to feel even better, you should definitely buy it.

What are the benefits of penis rings?

Cautions for using the Fleshlight

Fresh lights attract many men, but there are a few things to keep in mind when using them.

In order to enjoy the Fleshlight comfortably, please pay attention to the following three points when you use it.

  • Enjoy it in a space where you will not be disturbed.
  • Clean it and store it.
  • Sex lubricant spills on the floor.

It’s important to remember in advance that if you get carried away with using it to feel good, it can be troublesome and embarrassing later on.

Each of these items will be discussed in more detail below.

Have fun in a space where you won’t be disturbed

Masturbation is usually enjoyed in a space alone, right?

It’s the same for masturbation with Fleshlights, of course.

What would you do if a family member or lover walked in while you were enjoying masturbation?

Of course you’re going to hide it, right?

At this point, if you are masturbating with your right hand, you may be able to fool it.

However, if you’re using a Fleshlight, that’s not the case.

Your lower body is naked, you’re slippery with lubricant, and most importantly, you’re holding a big Fleshlight in one hand.

To avoid this embarrassment, enjoy the Fleshlight in a space where it won’t be disturbed.

Clean it up and store it

As I mentioned in my introduction on how to use it, cleaning is essential.

A Fleshlight is a tool that you enjoy inserting directly into your penis, so if there are germs on it, it can be dangerous.

It can cause irritation and infection of the penis.

You’re supposed to enjoy masturbation, but you won’t even be able to touch your penis.

You should always wash your Fleshlight before and after use and always keep it clean.

If you want to avoid the hassle of washing it, you can wear a condom and enjoy it as described above.

For more information on the proper way to wash Fleshlight, click here.

Sex lubricant spilled on the floor

The stimulation of the Fleshlight is altered by opening and closing the cap on the bottom.

However, when the cap is opened, the bottom of the Freshlight is left open, and depending on your position, the lubricant will spill out.

I once used the Freshlight while standing.

I was so engrossed in masturbation that the floor became slippery with lube and it was hard to clean…

If you enjoy Fleshlight, I would recommend laying a towel over it, just in case.


What did you think?

The first essential part of enjoying Fleshlight is lubricant.

You can’t insert without it.

And always wash it before you use Fleshlight.

Let’s enjoy masturbation to your heart’s content after washing it well and making it clean.

After injecting the lubricant and inserting the penis, all you have to do is to move it at your preferred speed and seek pleasure.

However, as we introduced, men are unprotected while using Fleshlight.

If someone comes into the room while masturbating, you can’t fool them, so make sure you enjoy it in a space where you will never be disturbed.

The following article summarizes the different types of Fleshlights that you need to know if you enjoy Fleshlights.

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