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How to male anal masturbation – Tools needed and benefits

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I will teach you how to masturbate which feels much better than ejaculation.

There are many different types of male masturbation, but one of the most popular is anal masturbation.

You’re probably wondering how to do it, too. In conclusion, anal masturbation can provide you with more pleasure than ejaculation.

Many people may not be comfortable with stimulating their own anus, but if you are a man, you should experience this pleasure at least once!

I think I should have realized the benefits of anal masturbation earlier.

So, in this article, I’m going to show you how to do anal masturbation and recommend some tools to help you experience the best pleasure.

What is anal masturbation?

Anal masturbation is a way to get pleasure from stimulating the anal area.

By inserting a finger or a tool, you can get a completely different kind of pleasure than penis masturbation.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, many people feel resistance to it, but in fact, it is a popular masturbation method that many men like to use.

I also had some resistance at first, but unlike penis masturbation, it is different from penis masturbation in that it gives you a sense of increased pleasure with each successive session.

However, the methods and precautions are also very different from penis masturbation.

If you don’t know in advance, there is a risk of serious consequences, so it is important to read the procedures and precautions I will introduce from now on and carry them out carefully.

Benefits of anal masturbation

So let’s start by piquing your curiosity.

The reason why anal masturbation is so popular is because it has a completely different appeal than penis masturbation.

  • The pleasure will increase
  • Unlike ejaculation, there is no end.
  • You can have a dry orgasm.
  • You can experience ejaculation without stimulating penis.

In short, it’s a completely different kind of pleasure than penis masturbation, and it can be experienced over and over again.

It is such a pleasure that it attracts many men.

The following is a detailed summary of the appeal of each.

The pleasure will increase

The pleasure of anal masturbation is enhanced by experience.

At first, stimulating the anus will not give you much pleasure.

However, with continued stimulation, the discomfort will gradually turn into pleasure.

Also, you can’t insert your fingers at first, but as you do it more and more, the anus will gradually soften and you will be able to insert your fingers or tools.

This gradual increase in enjoyment is the appeal of anal masturbation.

No end in sight

Usually, when it comes to masturbation, it ends when you ejaculate.

As soon as you ejaculate, your libido subsides and you won’t be able to think about sexual things or get excited for a while.

However, that is not the case with anal masturbation.

You can enjoy the pleasure for hours on end until you are satisfied.

Rather, you can say that your arousal will continue to increase as the pleasure intensifies with each successive session.

Dry orgasm

A dry orgasm is a pleasure that does not involve ejaculation.

It can be reached by stimulating the prostate, an organ located deep in the anal cavity.

A dry orgasm, also known as orgasmic anejaculation, happens when you climax during sex or masturbation but don’t release any sperm.

Dry Orgasm: Why It Happens and What You Can Do

If you have only experienced penis masturbation, you may not be able to imagine what it is like.

However, the pleasure of this dry orgasm far exceeds that of ejaculation.

It is difficult to convey in words, but it is ten times better than ejaculation in my experience.

Moreover, as mentioned above, you can enjoy the pleasure repeatedly and continuously.

If you want to know more about the pleasure that far exceeds ejaculation, go here.

Ejaculation through indirect stimulation

A dry orgasm far exceeds the pleasure of ejaculation.

And ejaculating through indirect stimulation is said to be one of the best orgasms a man can have, with a pleasure that goes even further than that of the dry orgasm.

By stimulating the seminal vesicles further back in the prostate gland, semen is pushed out of the penis as it is stimulated.

In other words, a combination of dry orgasm and ejaculation!

I haven’t experienced this much yet, but this ejaculation is what all men who prefer anal masturbation are aiming for.

How do you do anal masturbation?

So here’s the main point.

I’m going to show you how to do anal masturbation in detail, broken down into four steps.

It’s all very different from penis masturbation, so let’s go slowly as we go over them.

  • First, clean the anus first.
  • Do it in a relaxed posture
  • Apply lotion on your fingers and insert it into the anus.
  • Stimulate the prostate in the back of the body as you get used to it.
  • Seeking more pleasure with tools.

It is very different from penis masturbation from the start.

It takes time to prepare and to get enough pleasure out of it.

But after that, the best pleasure as mentioned above is waiting for you.

1. First of all, clean the anus

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Anal masturbation begins with cleaning.

There are many germs in the anal area, so inserting a finger or tool without cleaning it can be dangerous, and it can even get fecal matter on it.

It’s dirty, smelly, and if it touches your penis or mucous membranes, it’s dangerous, and you won’t be able to enjoy the anal masturbation you’ve been doing.

So, first of all, clean the inside of your anus.

The most reliable way is to use an enema like the one listed above.

If you don’t have one, you can substitute it by injecting hot water from the shower.

Repeat until the water to be excreted becomes clear, and you’re done.

2.Do it in a relaxed posture

An important part of enjoying anal masturbation is to relax.

If you are tense or strain, your anus will tighten accordingly, making it difficult to insert.

If you try to force your way in, you will put even more pressure on it, and in the worst case scenario, your anus may break.

When touching the anus, relax and try to do it in a relaxed position.

By the way, I enjoy anal masturbation by sitting with my back against a wall and my legs open.

3. Massage the anus with your fingers to loosen it up

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Once you’ve finished cleaning, massage the anal area with your fingers, pressing lightly on the area to loosen it up.

Anal is an organ that specializes in discharging, so it is not used to having a foreign object inserted into it.

If you insert it unreasonably, it will only hurt and may even hurt you.

As you massage it, you should feel the tension slowly ease and the anal area becomes softer and more comfortable.

Anal is a very delicate organ and you should never try to do it too hard.

Take your time and carefully loosen it up.

4. Apply lotion to your finger and insert it into the anus

Once your anal is sufficiently relaxed, it’s time to insert.

However, as mentioned above, the anus is a very delicate organ, so make sure to start with the little finger and insert slowly.

Until you get used to it, don’t insert it until you get used to it, but go as far as the first joint of your little finger.

And be sure to use lotion at this point.

Unlike a woman’s vagina, anal does not produce any secretions, so friction can cause the inside of your anus to break off.

Based on this procedure, slowly move your little finger in and out to stimulate the anus.

When you get used to it, enjoy the pleasure of inserting your finger in and out of the anus gradually.

5. Insert your finger to the back and stimulate the prostate

Even up to step 3, you can get enough pleasure.

But if you can smoothly insert your middle finger, let’s stimulate the prostate gland in the back of the anus.

The prostate gland is located 6-7 cm from the anal opening and can be adequately stimulated with your finger.

The position is roughly right behind the base of the penis.

It’s not too difficult to find as you insert your finger deeper into the area, where there are different textures.

It may feel uncomfortable at first, but with repeated stimulation, you will gradually start to get pleasure from it.

By all means, reach the dry orgasm mentioned above!

7 types of anal masturbation tools

You can enjoy anal masturbation with only lotion and fingers, but don’t you want to make it more pleasurable?

In that case, I recommend using special anal tools.

  • Anal beads
  • Egg vibrator
  • Butt Plug
  • Anal dildo
  • Anal vibrator
  • Prostate toy
  • Extra-large size

Once you are able to insert your fingers smoothly, you can make use of these tools.

They will surely make anal masturbation feel more comfortable.

The features of each and how to use them are summarized below.

Anal beads

Anal Pearl EX
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If you’re looking for your first tool of choice, anal beads are a great choice.

They are made up of small interconnected balls that gradually increase in size, making them a great choice for beginners and advanced users alike.

By moving these anal beads in and out of your body, you can experience the pleasure of repeatedly spreading your anus.

This is a feature that only anal beads have that no other tool has.

And although they’re long, they have a thin tip, so even beginners can insert them smoothly.

Egg vibrator

New Skeleton Rotor clear New Skeleton Rotor clear
RS 500

An egg vibrator is a small, egg-shaped tool that gives pleasure by shaking.

It is mainly used to give pleasure to women, but it can also be used effectively for anal masturbation.

It is very easy to use, as all you have to do is insert it into your anus and turn it on.

I really like to masturbate my penis while inserting the egg vibrator into my anus.

The price is cheap and the size is small, so it is especially recommended for beginners.

Butt plug

8 Desi Anal Plug-wave
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A butt plug is a tool that plugs your anus.

As you can see from its shape, it doesn’t pull out on its own when you insert it, so you can leave it in and enjoy it.

Advanced users will go out with the butt plugs inserted and enjoy the thrill of the experience with them. …I’ve never done this, though.

Of course it feels good just to keep it in, but the main purpose of the butt plug is to widen the anal area.

By widening your anal, you’ll be able to enjoy larger sized tools.

Anal dildo

Michinoku Dildo M size
RS 1799

A dildo is a silicone tool that resembles a penis.

It may be a little uncomfortable for men to use this.

However, the suction cups on this dildo are very effective for pleasurable anal masturbation.

By sticking this dildo on the floor and inserting it into your anus from above, you can enjoy a completely different kind of stimulation than with other tools.

Before you know it, you won’t care that it looks just like a penis.

Anal vibrator

Desire Swing
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Similar to anal beads, anal vibrators are designed to be inserted and enjoyed.

Anal beads enjoy inserting and inserting, while anal vibes give you the pleasure of vibration.

I prefer anal vibrators.

However, unlike anal beads, most of them have a thicker tip, so it’s difficult for beginners to insert them.

Spread your anus out until your thumb can insert it smoothly, then apply lotion thoroughly and enjoy it.

Prostate toy

Analyzer Rosso Analyzer Rosso
RS 3530

The Prostate toy is the one I would most recommend.

Prostate toy is a tool designed to stimulate the prostate gland, which is perfect if you want to have the aforementioned dry orgasms.

The Prostate toy stimulates the prostate gland on its own, so you can climax repeatedly just by inserting it and lying down.

The Prostate toy has helped me to know about dry orgasms.

The tip is thick and it takes some practice to insert smoothly.

Extra-large size

RS 1994

Men who want stronger stimulation use oversized tools.

It takes a little courage, but advanced anal masturbators enjoy masturbating with this tool. However, I haven’t used it yet because I am a little scared.

By the way, the product shown in the image is the smallest size tool in this series.

If you want to know what other types are available, click here to check them out.

Cautions on Anal Masturbation

Anal masturbation is the best way to experience the best pleasure, but the way it is done is very different from penis masturbation.

Therefore, if you treat it in the same way as penis masturbation, you may end up with something you can’t take back.

In order to enjoy masturbation comfortably, it is important to remember the following three points.

  • Be sure to keep it clean and enjoy it.
  • Treat anal carefully.
  • Don’t spend too much time immersed in it.

Many people have suffered a great deal of damage from ignoring these points and using anal masturbation.

The following is a detailed summary of the reasons for this.

Always clean and enjoy

Be sure to clean your anal area as introduced.

Because there are many germs in the anal area, it is very dangerous to insert your fingers or tools without cleaning it.

If a germ-infested finger or tool comes in contact with your penis, eyes, etc., you could get very sick.

Balanoposthitis is an inflammation that affects both the glans penis and prepuce. Many etiologies exist, but it can generally classify as either infectious, irritant, or traumatic in origin.


If that happens, your pleasant masturbation will be ruined.

You won’t be able to touch your penis for a while.

If you enjoy anal masturbation, you must remember to keep your anus clean.

Wear condoms on fingers and tools

If you want to enjoy anal masturbation more safely, use a condom.

Even after thorough cleaning, it is dangerous to insert fingers or tools directly into the anus.

If you have a scratch on your finger, bacteria can enter through it.

If you insert a tool, it will be contaminated with dirt and bacteria.

A condom will protect your fingers and tools from dirt and bacteria.

Clean your anus thoroughly, and then cover it with a condom to enjoy anal masturbation in perfect condition.

Handle the anus with care

Anal is a very delicate organ.

It is not accustomed to having a foreign object inserted in the first place, so it is dangerous to insert it unnecessarily when it is not sufficiently relaxed.

If you feel pain, it may cause a rupture of the anus or a wound inside.

Anal fissures typically cause pain and bleeding with bowel movements. You also may experience spasms in the ring of muscle at the end of your anus (anal sphincter).

Anal fissure

Even if it’s a small wound, it’s very dangerous for the anus.

Anal wounds are slow to heal because the wound is irritated every time you defecate, and the inflammation can become more serious.

Be sure to use lotion and stimulate it slowly and gradually.

Don’t immerse yourself too long

As mentioned above, anal masturbation doesn’t have a goal like ejaculation, so you can enjoy the pleasure as many times as you want as long as your strength lasts.

This increases the risk that time will pass without you knowing it, or that the lube will dry up and damage your anus.

When I first started to realize that anal masturbation felt good, I used to enjoy immersing myself in it for a long time.

Just in case, I recommend that you enjoy anal masturbation for a set amount of time.

Alternatively, pour more lotion on it periodically and make sure it doesn’t dry out.


What did you think?

Anal masturbation is very different from ejaculation, and you can experience more than an ejaculation as many times as you like.

At first it may be hard to imagine, but once you’ve had a dry orgasm, your common sense about masturbation will be totally flipped upside down.

However, to get the best pleasure, you need to be prepared.

It’s important to follow the right steps and take your time to get ready for it.

Make use of the tools we’ve introduced to you and you’ll be able to enjoy the best pleasure you’ve ever had.

Now that you’ve read this far, I would like to introduce you to some of the tools I recommend to help you masturbate.

If you’re interested in masturbation that feels good, continue reading here.

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