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22 types of masturbation – How to Masturbate for indian men

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If you change the way you masturbate, the pleasure will change as well. Wouldn’t you like to experience that too?

Are you making changes in the way you masturbate?

Probably most men have never thought deeply about it.

In fact, there are many types of masturbation.

When you make a change in the way you masturbate, you can experience a completely different kind of pleasure.

When you hear that, you’ll want to know, right?

I had no idea that there were so many different types of masturbation until I started this blog.

So in this article, I’m going to show you how men masturbate, all 22 different types of masturbation and how to do it.

Basic masturbation method

How do you usually enjoy masturbation?

Actually, there is a correct way to masturbate.

Before enjoying different types of masturbation, let’s review the basic methods.

  • Gently wrap your hand around it and hold it
  • Stimulate by rubbing up and down
  • Take your time slowly

Masturbation provides a variety of benefits to men.

For example, it enhances the functioning of the penis, relieves stress, improves the quality of sperm, and so on.

But it is only with the right masturbation mentioned above.

Learn more about the benefits of masturbation here.

What to consider when changing your masturbation routine

The various masturbation techniques I’m about to show you will all give you new stimulation.

But before you try them, there is something you should know.

That’s because some of the masturbation methods I’m about to show you can be a bit dangerous.

Repeatedly performing them can lead to ejaculation problems and damage to your penis.

Ejaculatory dysfunction occurs when a man has a problem properly ejaculating his semen, either ejaculating too soon, too late, back into his own bladder or not at all.

Ejaculatory Dysfunction

So while you usually enjoy basic masturbation, it is recommended that you incorporate it for a change.

For side effects of wrong masturbation, click here.

Popular masturbation

  • 1.Leg-stretching Masturbation
  • 2.Stop-just-before masturbation
  • 3.Floor masturbation
  • 4.Skin masturbation
  • 5.Reverse-hand masturbation
  • 6.Glans masturbation
  • 7.Abstinence Masturbation
  • 8.Wet Dream Masturbation

The masturbation presented here is the same as above.

1.Leg-stretching Masturbation

Leg-stretching masturbation is a way of masturbation done with the legs extended.

By stretching out your legs, the muscles of the lower half of your body tense up, and you can feel a strong stimulation of the penis.

The method is simple, but it is a popular masturbation that gives a strong pleasurable sensation.

Many men may say that they have unconsciously masturbated in this way.

2.Stop-just-before masturbation

This is a masturbation that stops the hand that stimulates a penis just before ejaculation.

When the sense settles down, you resume again, and stop again…

You repeat this several times, and you ejaculate when you cannot endure it anymore, and releases it.

You can enjoy the pleasurable sensation until you ejaculate for a long time, and the feeling of release when you ejaculate will be increased by repeating the endurance several times.

When you fail to endure and ejaculate, you will feel very disappointed.

3.Floor masturbation

It is a form of masturbation in which you lie on your stomach, move your hips and rub your penis against the floor or bed.

This is a popular form of masturbation because there is no need to use your hands and it gives a very strong sensation.

If the floor is hard, there is a risk of damaging your penis, so it’s best to practice on a towel or bed.

However, if you get too much into it, normal masturbation will not feel as good, so please enjoy it in moderation.

4.Skin masturbation

This is the normal way for men who have not completely removed the skin of their penis.

You get pleasure by grabbing the skin of the penis and moving it up and down.

It’s less painful and the stimulation is easy to control.

Also, since this is not masturbation that directly stimulates the glans, you don’t have to worry about getting germs or scratches on your penis.

I’m also basically a skin masturbator.

5.Reverse-hand masturbation

This is a way to masturbate with the opposite hand of what you normally do.

Most men will usually masturbate with their right hand.

By switching to the left hand, which they are not used to, you can change the stimulation.

Naturally, the movement will be awkward, but it will make you feel as if someone else is touching your penis.

6.Glans masturbation

This is the opposite of the above-mentioned skin masturbation, and this is the basic method for men who have completely removed the foreskin of the penis.

It is a masturbation that stimulates the most sensitive part of a penis, the turtle head intensively, and obtains a pleasurable sensation.

Unlike skin masturbation, it takes some time to ejaculate, so you can stimulate a penis for a long time.

It has the merit of improving premature ejaculation by making the glans part get used to the stimulation.

7.Abstinence Masturbation

Holding off masturbation for a few days is a way to increase the pleasure of ejaculation.

This is especially effective for men like me who masturbate every day, and holding back the desire to ejaculate can lead to excitement.

You need to be careful about the length of time you hold back, as the desire can go away.

It is recommended that it should be two to three days, and up to one habit at most.

8.Wet Dream Masturbation

Wet Dream masturbation is a fairly advanced form of masturbation; by being abstinent for at least three days, going to sleep with a semen buildup, and a few other conditions, you can ejaculate in your sleep and get pleasure from it.

However, unlike regular masturbation, it is not completely controllable and may not be feasible for some people.

I have tried several times and failed.

Masturbation with tools

  • 1.Maturbator masturbation
  • 2.Lubricant masturbation
  • 3.Penis ring masturbation
  • 4.Shower masturbation

The masturbation presented here is the same as above.

1.Maturbator masturbation

A masturbator is a tool designed to make male masturbation feel good.

It is made to look exactly like a woman’s vagina, so it is masturbation, but with a sensation similar to sex.

We have prepared a video showing the use of Fleshlight.

There are many different types and each one gives you a completely different stimulation, which is why they are loved by men all over the world.

I was inspired to start this blog because I wanted to share the pleasure of masturbation.

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If you want to know more about masturbator, continue reading this article here to learn more about masturbator.

2.Lubricant masturbation

Sex lubricant is a highly viscous liquid that is used to vary the stimulation of caresses and enhance sex.

This is how lubricant masturbation is done.

When you apply it to your penis and masturbate with it, you can have the most comfortable masturbation with a slippery feeling.

This is a sensation that can never be replicated by any other masturbation method.

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If you combine it with various types of masturbation, the pleasure is further enhanced, so it is a must-have tool.

For more information about Lubricant masturbation, click here.

3.Penis ring masturbation

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A penis ring is a silicone ring that is attached to the penis.

When this is attached to the base of the penis, it reduces the sensitivity of the penis, allowing you to enjoy masturbation for longer than usual.

Furthermore, the penis is temporarily enlarged, so you can get a visual kick out of it.

My recommendation is the combination of a penis ring and lube.

It’s a great tool that works well during sex, and it’s also inexpensive.

If you want to learn more about penis rings, continue reading this article here.

4.Shower masturbation

Masturbate by applying hot water from the shower to the glans of the penis to stimulate it.

It can be pleasurable and at the same time, a little ticklish, a strange sensation.

However, it can be a little difficult to reach ejaculation.

Also, the pleasure of shower masturbation depends on the performance of the shower, so in some cases it may not be pleasurable at all…

Non-penis masturbation

  • 1.Nipple masturbation
  • 2.Anal masturbation
  • 3.Prostate Masturbation
  • 4.Urethral masturbation

The masturbation presented here is the same as above.

1.Nipple masturbation

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This is very different from penis masturbation, which is masturbation that stimulates the nipples.

Men who have never experienced it may think it strange, but in fact, men’s nipples also become sexually aroused by continuous stimulation.

Moreover, for some people, the sensitivity of the nipples is even greater than that of the penis, and for others, the mere rubbing of their clothes gives them pleasure.

If you can get pleasure from your nipples, you can enjoy sex more, so it’s recommended.

2.Anal masturbation

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Anal masturbation is a very popular form of masturbation.

You get pleasure from inserting a finger or an anal toy into the anal area.

Unlike ejaculation, there is no end to it, so you can enjoy masturbating endlessly until you’re satisfied.

At first, you may have some resistance, but the sensation of gradually increasing pleasure is very good.

However, the anus is a very sensitive part of the body, so it’s important to follow the right way and stimulate it carefully.

Click here to learn how to do anal masturbation.

3.Prostate Masturbation

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It is a popular masturbation that stimulates the prostate, an organ located deep in the anal world.

It is said to be the best masturbation for achieving a dry orgasm, a sensation that far exceeds ejaculation.

Next to masturbation in the masturbation room, I would recommend this method of masturbation.

However, it does take a little longer to get pleasure from the prostate gland.

It’s important to know the right way and procedure and get used to the stimulation gradually.

However, it is worth it. If you want to learn more about the appeal of prostate masturbation and how to do it in detail, go to the following articles.

4.Urethral masturbation

It is said that urethral masturbation gives you the pleasure of feeling as if you are ejaculating all the time.

You apply lotion to a long, thin stick, such as a medical catheter, and insert it slowly into the urethra to get a pleasurable sensation.

It stimulates the urethra, which is not normally stimulated, so the correct procedure must be followed.

It is a bit risky, so it is an advanced form of masturbation for advanced users.

Unusual masturbation

  • 1 Perineum Masturbation
  • 2 Outdoor masturbation
  • 3 Cross-dressing Masturbation
  • 4 Chastity belt masturbation
  • 5 Hypnotic masturbation
  • 6 Potato starch masturbation

The masturbation presented here is the same as above.

Perineum Masturbation

The perineum is the space between the scrotum and the anus.

It may seem questionable to call it masturbation since there is nothing there, but it is actually a sexual area where the nerves are concentrated.

If you massage the perineum gently, you will gradually get a pleasurable sensation.

It is recommended to stimulate the perineum with one hand and stimulate the penis or anus with the other hand.

Outdoor masturbation

Masturbation is usually done in your own private space.

It is outdoor masturbation that dares to go outside and do it.

Of course, you can’t be sure that you will never be found.

However, the thrill of it is connected with sexual excitement, and it seems to be able to get a strong sexual sensation overwhelmingly than ordinary masturbation.

Of course, there is a risk of being discovered, so it is best to do it at your own risk.

Cross-dressing Masturbation

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It is a special form of masturbation in which you wear women’s clothing and wigs to arouse yourself from the inside out.

It is said that the immorality of wearing women’s clothing is what makes it exciting.

As you can imagine, I have never experienced this, but there are actually many men who prefer to masturbate in women’s clothing.

In fact, there are many men who like to dress up as a real woman, shaving their bodies and putting on makeup.

Chastity belt masturbation

Chastity belt masturbation is similar to the abstinence masturbation described above.

A chastity belt is a device used in BDSM, and when you wear it, you can no longer touch your penis.

In other words, you are forcing yourself to be muriously patient.

You can do it alone, or have your partner hold the key to the chastity belt for you.

Hypnotic masturbation

Hypnotic masturbation is a form of masturbation in which pleasure is obtained through hypnosis.

You can experience a climax with just the sound of a pornographic voice or the whispering of a woman.

Of course, you can stimulate your penis and nipples at the same time, but advanced users can reach ejaculation without touching their penis.

Put on your headphones, close your eyes, surrender to the audio, and let yourself get into your world.

Potato starch masturbation

This is a way to make use of the aforementioned masturbation hole by making it by hand.

Put some potato starch, water and a stick to shape the hole for the penis into a plastic bottle.

Heat it in the microwave to harden it, and you have an instant masturbator.

Compared to a real masturbator, the pleasure is vastly inferior, but if you want to experience masturbation in a way other than direct stimulation with your hands, this is a great way to do it.

Are you worried about the negative effects of masturbation?

We’ve introduced you to a variety of masturbation techniques.

However, some of you may be worried about the negative effects of masturbating too much.

It is rumored that masturbation causes acne, hair loss, and a decrease in male hormones.

But the truth is the opposite. Masturbation is an essential habit for maintaining a healthy mind and body.

The dos and don’ts of each masturbation are described in the referenced article, and if you follow it and practice it, you won’t have to worry about the negative effects.

If you want to learn more about the truth about the negative effects of masturbation, check out the following articles


What did you think?

Men all over the world who love masturbation enjoy it and get pleasure from it in so many different ways.

Some of them are a bit dangerous and I have not practiced all of them, but it is good to add some changes to masturbation.

Be careful not to get too addicted, and enjoy different masturbation methods while feeling the changes caused by different methods.

Are you interested in tools to make male masturbation even more pleasurable?

If you want to increase the pleasure of masturbation, we recommend you continue reading the following articles as well.

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