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The bad effects of masturbation on the brain and body are a lie! What are the real disadvantages of masturbation?

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Are you worried about the bad effects of masturbating? Reading this will solve everything!

‘Masturbating is bad for you, right?

I like masturbation, but I’m worried about the bad effects.

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably thinking that.

It’s the same for me. Because I am a huge masturbation fan.

I not only masturbate every day, but there are days when I masturbate more than 10 times.

If masturbation had a bad effect on me, my brain and body would be in shambles before you are.

But when I looked into it, a surprising fact was revealed!

So, in this article, we’re going to take a closer look at what’s really going on with the bad effects of masturbation on the brain and body.

Most Indians are concerned about the bad effects of masturbation

I did a lot of research in writing this article.

I found out that many Indians are concerned about the various bad effects of masturbation on the brain and body.

To tell the truth, I was also concerned about that.

After doing a little research, I found that there was a lot of information that listed the bad effects of masturbation and called it dangerous.

However, the more I researched, the more I realized that I was wrong.

I really want many people to know about this.

From now on, you will be able to enjoy masturbation to your heart’s content without worrying about its bad effects.

It’s actually a lie! Most of the bad effects of masturbation are wrong

So here’s the bottom line. Here are some of the bad effects that I’ve found that masturbation is supposed to have on your brain and body that I’ve researched

  • Does masturbation cause more acne?
  • Does masturbation make you bald?
  • Does masturbation reduce male hormones?
  • Does masturbation cause cancer?
  • Does masturbation cause a decrease in sperm count?
  • Does masturbation reduce learning ability?

It would be horrible if this were all true, wouldn’t it?

When I masturbate, my skin is covered in acne, my head is bald, my masculinity is lost, I have cancer, my sperm count is reduced, and on top of that, I’m an idiot.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, some days I masturbate more than 10 times, I must be in a tough spot already.

1. Does masturbation cause more acne?

It is said that masturbation causes skin irritation and acne.

If this is true, don’t you think the same could be said for sex?

I did a lot of research, but I couldn’t find anything to base it on.

Does masturbation cause acne?(Go to an external site)

By the way, I have been masturbating more than others since I was a student, but I have never suffered from acne.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that I touch my face with my hands right after masturbating?

If you have any idea, as long as you wash your hands and are clean as soon as you finish masturbating, you should be good to go.

2. Does masturbation make you bald?

Masturbation makes you bald, which is also widely believed to be the case.

But is this the same as the aforementioned acne, and do all people who like sex suffer from baldness?

…No, you don’t, do you?

There has been denial about this as well, and if anything, holding back on masturbation increases the risk of going bald.

Endocrine response to masturbation-induced orgasm in healthy men following a 3-week sexual abstinence(Go to an external site)

Huh? Quite the opposite.

Of course, I don’t have any signs of baldness at all at the moment either.

Also, there is no problem if you enjoy masturbating whenever you want, as there is a strong genetic factor that plays a role in whether you go bald or not.

3. Does masturbation reduce male hormones?

Testosterone is an important hormone that influences your attractiveness and abilities as a man, such as muscle growth and mental strength.

It is said that masturbation reduces it.

However, this is also the opposite: the habit of getting an erection has been shown to be an essential element in the production of male hormones.

What’s the Connection Between Masturbation and Testosterone?(Go to an external site)

And rather, if you endure masturbation too much, male hormones seem to decrease.

By the way, since testosterone can be increased by muscle training and eating habits, it will not wither away even if the secretion level decreases by masturbation.

4. Does masturbation cause cancer?

Masturbation causes cancer.

If this were true, everyone would stop masturbating.

But don’t worry, this has been proven to be a lie as well.

What’s more, it’s been shown that people who masturbate more often have a 20% lower risk of getting prostate cancer than those who don’t.

Can Sex, Masturbation Affect Prostate Cancer Risk?(Go to an external site)

In other words, masturbation is a cancer prevention tool.

Yes, you can now say that you’re masturbating for your health with your chest out.

5. Does masturbation cause a decrease in sperm count?

It is said that masturbation reduces sperm count.

But the facts are quite the opposite.

If you’re thinking of stopping masturbation for a while to increase your sperm, it’s counterproductive.

Sperm will be full in about three days.

However, the life span of sperm also only lasts about three days.

Sperm that have reached the end of their life span can damage the sperm that are still alive and reduce the overall quality of the sperm.

It can also cause male infertility.

If you don’t keep up the habit of masturbation, the quantity of semen will increase, but the quality of sperm will go down drastically.

6. Does masturbation reduce your learning ability?

‘Masturbating makes you stupid.’

Have you ever been told this?

People who masturbate more tend to have lower IQs, but the causal relationship between masturbation and learning ability has not been proven.

Wouldn’t you rather hold back when you feel the urge to masturbate, which impairs your ability to concentrate on your work or study?

If your ability to learn will be adversely affected, it will only be if you have less time to study due to excessive masturbation.

So as long as you don’t devote more time to masturbation than necessary, your ability to learn will not be adversely affected.

[Important] Masturbation is a very healthy activity

If you’re worried about the bad effects of masturbation, here’s one great piece of information for you.

Actually, masturbation has a very positive effect on your health.

  • It relieves stress.
  • Maintain an erection.
  • It prevents premature ejaculation.
  • High motility sperm count increases.
  • Improves the quality of sleep

If you think about it dispassionately, ejaculation is an essential act of procreation. It’s a human instinct to produce offspring, but it’s funny how every ejaculation makes us unhealthy, isn’t it? From now on, we urge you to masturbate for your health!

What are the real bad effects of masturbation?

As I mentioned above, masturbation is actually a healthy activity.

I was deeply relieved when I learned of this fact. However, this doesn’t mean that masturbation has no bad effects at all.

  • The possibility of becoming a masturbation addict
  • Too much masturbation and time is lost.
  • You may not be able to ejaculate during sex
  • It’s exhausting.
  • Risk of balanitis and foreskinitis

The real bad effects of masturbation are these.

No, most of them are more like the bad effects of wrong masturbation.

In other words, it is possible to avoid them if you masturbate correctly.

Each of these items will be summarized in detail below.

The possibility of becoming a masturbation addict

If the purpose of masturbating is not to get pleasure, but to relieve bad emotions, you need to be careful.

At the same time, the same is true if you feel guilty for masturbating.

In this case, you may have a masturbation addiction.

The combination of sexual thoughts and regret about it can interfere with your daily life.

By the way, if you’re like me and enjoy masturbating without any guilt at all, there’s no problem.

Please don’t worry.

Masturbating too much and losing time

This is a bad effect I’ve felt myself.

It varies from person to person, but the most common amount of time spent masturbating at one time is usually around 10-20 minutes.

That wouldn’t be a problem if it was once a day, but if you’re a person like me who enjoys masturbating multiple times, it’s a different story.

Some days I may spend as much as two hours masturbating, depending on the day.

I don’t particularly care about that, but for some people, it can be an intense regret.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to learn to control the number of times you masturbate.

Sex may make it impossible to ejaculate

If you are masturbating in the wrong way, you may not be able to get pleasure from sex or ejaculate.

Incorrect masturbation means, for example, gripping too tightly or ejaculating before you are fully erect.

If you are ejaculating with a stimulus that is far removed from the woman’s vagina, the penis will get used to it and the stimulus will be the only thing that can bring it pleasure.

However, you can avoid this risk by masturbating in accordance with the proper stimulation.

Sapping energy

Immediately after masturbation, you will feel drained of energy and rapidly become sleepy.

This feeling of fatigue varies greatly from person to person, and while some people, like me, are less affected, others feel sluggish all day long.

This is due to the effects of the hormones that are released at the same time as ejaculation.

It is a normal reaction of the body, so it is inevitable, but if you feel a strong sense of fatigue, it will feel bad.

Risk of balanitis and foreskinitis

If you are not masturbating with clean hands, then it is very dangerous.

The penis is a very sensitive part of the body and touching it with unclean hands can make you sick.

I haven’t experienced this myself, but a friend of mine got glanitis from it and was banned from masturbating for a while.

Of course, sex was also banned, and his insecure girlfriend refused to have sex with him.

I don’t want to imagine losing both masturbation and sex….

To avoid becoming like him, always wash your hands before and after masturbation and make sure they are clean.

You don’t have to stop masturbating unnecessarily

If you love masturbation as much as I do, there’s no need to feel guilty or try to stop masturbating unnecessarily.

This is because all of the real bad effects mentioned above are not a problem at all if you are masturbating properly.

I masturbate every day and I’m totally healthy and not stupid.

I enjoy masturbating without any worries.

I stop masturbating because it feels good.

In fact, isn’t that the most unhealthy thing you can do?


What did you think?

People say that masturbation has many bad effects, but the truth is that most of them are not true.

If all those bad effects were true, my face would be full of pimples, my hair would be bald, and I would have cancer all over my body as well as a bad head.

However, none of that has happened and I am able to run my blog in such a healthy way.

But that doesn’t mean that there are no bad effects whatsoever.

Let’s go over the bad effects I’ve introduced one more time and try to enjoy it in moderation.

If you are looking for a good masturbation experience, here are some tools that are perfect for you.

If you love to masturbate, check it out!

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