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The benefits of masturbation and how it makes you healthy

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This is something that will change your perception of masturbation in a big way.

Do you like to masturbate?

As you can see from the title of this blog, I love masturbation and enjoy it every day without fail.

However, some men seem to worry about the negative effects of masturbation.

However, the facts are the opposite.

I consider masturbation to be one of the joys of my life, and I think it would be a shame not to enjoy it because I am worried about its negative effects.

So in this article, I’m going to show you the many benefits that masturbation can have on your health.

If you read this article to the end, you will be able to enjoy masturbation more than ever before.

Many Indians believe that masturbation has negative effects

I did a lot of research in writing this article.

Then I found out that many Indians are worried about the negative effects of masturbation on their brains and bodies.

Acne. Hair falls out. Decreased testosterone. Cancer. Decreased sperm count.

There was a lot of information out there about the dangers of masturbation, such as I was curious and looked into it, but the facts were quite the opposite.

You can read more about it in the following article.

I am about to tell you the truth.

That is how much masturbation can benefit you.

Once you know this, your anxiety about masturbation will go away cleanly.

What are the benefits of masturbation?

So here’s the deal. I’m going to show you all the amazing benefits of masturbation.

If you’re worried about the negative effects of masturbation, you’ll be surprised to read this.

  • Stress relief.
  • Maintain an erection.
  • Prevention of premature ejaculation
  • High motility sperm count increases.
  • Prostate cancer prevention.
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • It’s good for sex practice.

Masturbation can relieve your stress, keep your penis functioning and even lower your risk of serious diseases.

I feel strongly about this, especially when it comes to keeping your penis functioning.

I will now explain the benefits of each in detail.

1. Stress relief

This is something you probably understand very well yourself.

There are two main purposes for men to masturbate: to get pleasure and to relieve stress and relax.

This is influenced by the hormones released during masturbation.

After you have finished masturbating, your brain releases oxytocin and endorphins.

These two hormones help to relieve your stress.

Also, masturbation has the effect of improving the quality of your sleep (more on that later), so it takes care of your mind after masturbation.

2. Maintain an erection

If you can’t get an erection when the time comes, it’s a serious problem for a man.

In fact, did you know that your ability to make your penis erect is cultivated by masturbation?

Your body’s functions diminish from the parts of your body that are not being used.

This means that if you don’t touch your penis on a regular basis, or if you don’t have an erection, your body decides that it is unnecessary.

This can cause problems such as not being able to maintain an erection or not getting hard enough even if you do get an erection.

Continue to masturbate as a way to train yourself to enjoy masturbation and satisfy your partner with sex.

If you really want to avoid a loss of erection, we recommend you to read the following articles as well.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and How to Improve Them.

3. Prevention of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is when you ejaculate within a minute of insertion.

This does not allow you to fully enjoy sex or even masturbation.

There are many reasons for this, but it is often caused by a penis that is too sensitive to stimulation.

Depending on how you do it, you can expect to improve your premature ejaculation by masturbating on a regular basis and getting it used to the stimulation.

Instead, if you stop masturbating, you risk your penis not being stimulated and your premature ejaculation becomes worse.

4. It’s a good way to practice sex

Masturbation is a great way to train yourself to improve the quality of your sex.

That’s exactly what we’ve been talking about, the ability to maintain an erection and the effectiveness of preventing premature ejaculation.

In addition, you can also learn how to stimulate yourself not to ejaculate immediately, how to hold back when you are about to ejaculate, and other training techniques for sex.

Besides getting pleasure, you can enjoy sex even more by masturbating in a creative way.

Did you know that there are some effective tools for practicing sex?

5. More sperm with higher motility

If you stop masturbating, sperm will naturally accumulate.

However, sperm can only live inside your body for about three days, so when you stop masturbating, you will have fewer healthy sperm.

And the trouble is, the dead sperm can damage the living sperm and reduce the overall quality of the sperm.

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This means that masturbating at least once every three days will help to increase the number of healthy sperm.

For the sake of having children in the future, you should continue the habit of masturbation without ceasing.

6. It helps prevent prostate cancer

Amazingly, the habit of masturbation has been proven to be effective in cancer prevention as well.

When comparing those who rarely masturbate and those who masturbate nearly 20 times a month, the risk of cancer was reduced by about 20% in the latter group.

Prostate cancer is a cancer that men are more likely to get, and it is known to have few early symptoms and is easily detected late.

It is also extremely dangerous as it often spreads to the bones.

Masturbation can prevent that danger from happening.

By the way, I masturbate far more than 20 times a month, so my body is probably even more resistant to prostate cancer than this result.

7. Better quality of sleep

Masturbating before bed can help you sleep.

In fact, many men make masturbation a pre-sleep habit.

When you ejaculate, your brain releases prolactin, a hormone that lowers your sex drive and makes you feel weak at the same time.

This causes drowsiness, and with the help of the stress-relieving serotonin mentioned above, it allows you to transition smoothly to sleep.

A good night’s sleep also boosts your body’s immune system, which, along with the cancer prevention and stress relief mentioned above, will make your body increasingly healthy.

Don’t stop masturbating before bed, and don’t let it stop you from doing so.

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Cautions for reaping the benefits of masturbation

As we have introduced, masturbation provides you with many benefits.

Your penis functions better, it relieves stress and even prevents cancer.

However, it’s important to remember a few things to keep in mind.

  • Don’t masturbate with too much stimulation.
  • Clean your hands and penis before and after masturbation.
  • At least once a week.

It is very important to get the benefits of masturbation.

It is necessary to provide proper stimulation and to enjoy it cleanly.

Each of these precautions will be explained in detail in the future.

Do not masturbate with too much stimulation

Everyone has a different way of masturbating.

However, if you masturbate with too much stimulation, such as gripping your penis too tightly or rubbing it against the bed, you need to be careful.

If you get used to over-stimulated masturbation, it becomes difficult to ejaculate outside of that masturbation.

Do you know what this means?

A penis that is accustomed to too much stimulation will not be able to ejaculate at all during sex.

As soon as I learned of this, I immediately reevaluated my masturbation methods.

Clean your hands and penis before and after masturbation

The good thing about masturbation is that it allows you to dissipate quickly when your libido is high.

However, you should always clean your hands and penis before and after masturbation.

If you masturbate without washing your hands or if you leave your ejaculated penis unattended, your penis may get sick one day.

Then you will not be able to masturbate or even have sex.

If you are reading this, you probably love masturbation as much as I do.

What if that pleasure is taken away from you?

I wouldn’t be able to stand it if I were you.

Let’s do this at least once a week

If you don’t masturbate, you won’t get the benefits of masturbation.

The frequency of masturbation varies greatly from person to person, but you should try to do it at least once a week.

If you masturbate less often than that, you won’t get the benefit.

Not only that, but it can have the opposite effect.

For example, you may lose your erection, or you may have premature ejaculation.

Masturbation is an essential act to keep your penis functioning.

By the way, I masturbate 3 to 10 times a day.

This may be too much, though.


What did you think?

Many Indians are worried about the negative effects of masturbation.

But the masturbation you do on a regular basis actually provides many benefits to your health.

It relieves stress, energizes your sperm, and helps you practice sex.

Instead, it’s dangerous to assume that masturbation is bad and put up with it, or to stop it in a hurry.

Once you know this, you don’t have to feel guilty about masturbation at all anymore.

From now on, don’t hold back at all and enjoy masturbation that feels good!

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