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What is a dry orgasm? Explaining its mechanism and appeal, how to do it.

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Dry orgasm is the greatest pleasure for men! 

Do you know what a dry orgasm is?

A dry orgasm is an orgasm that does not involve ejaculation.

For an inexperienced man, this would be completely unimaginable.

I was very interested in this and looked into how to get dry orgasms and practiced it.

It took some time, but it was an overwhelmingly more pleasurable experience than an ejaculation.

What do you think? Are you interested?

I would love for more Indian men to know about this wonderful thing.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the mechanism of dry orgasm and the steps to get it.

Did you know that there are two types of male orgasms?

Let’s start by looking at the different types of male orgasms.

Since masturbation is an ingrained and habitual act, most of you probably haven’t given it much thought.

So the information I am about to give you will feel very fresh.

Wet Orgasm

A wet orgasm is an orgasm with ejaculation. It refers to penis masturbation, which almost all men would do on a daily basis.

It is plainly called a wet orgasm because the semen is released at the moment of orgasm.

Of course you’ve experienced this, but instead of getting a pleasant sensation, it is characterized by a strong feeling of weakness after ejaculation.

Dry orgasm

A dry orgasm is when a person reaches climax without ejaculating.

Dry orgasm, or orgasmic anejaculation, means that orgasm occurs without ejaculation, so the penis does not release semen as usual.

Dry orgasm: Causes and treatment

How is it possible to have an orgasm without ejaculation?

You probably thought to yourself, “How is it possible to have an orgasm without ejaculating?

I didn’t believe it at first, but now that I’ve experienced it, I know that this dry orgasm does exist.

Even though there is no obvious sign of ejaculation, the body clearly feels like it has reached orgasm.

I’m sure you can’t quite get the picture right now, but by the time you finish reading the article, you’ll be aware of the appeal of dry orgasms and are eager to experience them.

What is the mechanism of dry orgasm?

Dry orgasm involves an organ called the prostate, which is unique to men.

The prostate is located just behind the base of the penis.

It is located about 5 cm from the anus, so you can fully touch it with your finger.

If you actually put your finger in, you should be able to easily see the difference in texture.

This prostate and has the role of pumping out semen.

By stimulating only the prostate gland without stimulating the penis, you can experience a pleasant sensation as if you were electrified.

This is a dry orgasm.

Do dry orgasms have a negative impact on health?

Many men worry about the negative effects of dry orgasms.

For example, prostate disease and retrograde ejaculation disorder.

Even these do not have to worry.

Since the type of orgasm is different to begin with, the body’s response to it is also different from ejaculation.

We can enjoy dry orgasms as a way to get pleasure from them.

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The Ultimate Pleasure! What is the appeal of dry orgasm?

Now, here’s what makes dry orgasms so appealing.

Why do men who have had a dry orgasm say, “Once you have it, you can’t get out of it… There are four reasons.

There are four reasons.

  • More than an ejaculation
  • The pleasure lasts for a while.
  • I can reach orgasm in rapid succession.
  • It makes sex more fun.

What do you think?

Doesn’t just looking at this item make you excited?

I’m starting to get mushy too, remembering the pleasure.

I will tell you more about it in detail in the future, and your excitement will increase even more.

1. You can experience more than just ejaculation

The pleasure of dry orgasm is not comparable to ejaculation.

If the pleasure of ejaculation is 1, the pleasure of a dry orgasm is 10.

Especially when I had my first dry orgasm, I couldn’t even stand up for a while.

Don’t you want to feel such a pleasure that you can’t move for a while?

Knowing this, it’s safe to say that you are missing out if you don’t experience a dry orgasm.

2. The pleasant sensation lasts for a while

The pleasure of ejaculation is very short, roughly 20 seconds at most.

However, the pleasure of a dry orgasm lasts for more than an hour depending on the person.

I have never felt such a long time pleasure, but the pleasure of a dry orgasm is completely different from that of ejaculation.

After masturbation, the afterglow lingers in the body for a while, and you can get pleasure over and over again.

For example, it is a feeling that your whole body has become a sexual zone.

It is possible to continue to feel a pleasant sensation like just after ejaculation for a long time.

3. It is possible to reach orgasm continuously.

We all feel weak right after ejaculation, don’t we?

And if you don’t rest for a while, you can’t masturbate again.

But dry orgasms don’t have that weakness. Moreover, like a woman’s orgasm, you can repeat it over and over again and enjoy a climax.

This is a very strange sensation.

You can enjoy the pleasure over and over again without resting, so you can lose track of time and get lost in masturbation.

You won’t know when to stop, especially when you reach your first dry orgasm.

4. You’ll enjoy sex more

If you learn to have dry orgasms, you’ll enjoy masturbation and sex more than ever before.

This is because learning to have a dry orgasm is like having a new sexual zone.

If you can get pleasure from more than just the penis, the scope of your enjoyment will expand dramatically.

On the other hand, if you can only get pleasure from the penis, don’t you think you will get tired of it one day?

Once you learn to have a dry orgasm, you can enjoy both masturbation and sex forever.

The masturbation that gives you dry orgasms is this!

As you’ve read up to this point, you’re probably somewhat aware that dry orgasms don’t come from stimulating your penis.

If you have only experienced penis masturbation, you will find all the following masturbations to be strange and new.

  • Prostate masturbation
  • Nipple masturbation
  • Masturbation in the pubic area
  • Hypnotic masturbation

Just by looking at the name, you may not be able to imagine what it’s all about.

So, let’s try the specific masturbation methods below, so let’s choose the masturbation you’re interested in and try it!

1. Prostate Masturbation

This masturbation provides pleasure by stimulating the prostate, an organ found only in men.

This masturbation is the most effective way to achieve a dry orgasm.

The prostate gland is located roughly 5-10 cm from the anus and can be stimulated by inserting your middle finger deep into it and bending it over.

However, the anus is not accustomed to having a foreign object inserted into it, so it won’t go in if you try to insert your finger suddenly.

You will need time to insert your little finger first and then gradually widen your anus.

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2. Nipple masturbation

In fact, not only women, but men’s nipples are an Erogenous zone as well.

Nipple masturbation itself is one of the most popular methods of male masturbation, and it can also give you a dry orgasm.

It is an area that is not usually stimulated very often, so you may not get the pleasure at first, but if you continue to stimulate it, you will gradually discover how good it feels.

It took me a little while, but after a month of continuation, you’ll start to feel good. Keep your mind focused on your nipples and touch them gently.

3. Perineum Masturbation

This is where the level of difficulty increases a bit.

The synagogue is the area between the base of the penis and the anus, which can actually be a sexual area as well.

However, it seems to be a little difficult to get a pleasant sensation, and I haven’t reached there yet.

The trick is to stimulate the nipple and penis together with lightly touching the perineum.

It does not seem to be able to get pleasure from the perineum alone, but if you can enjoy the above two masturbation methods, you should try it.

4. Hypnotic masturbation

Finally, I’d like to introduce you to a slightly special kind of masturbation.

It seems to be a masturbation that is becoming more and more popular these days, and I found out about it just as I was writing this article.

Hypnotic masturbation is a form of masturbation in which you get pleasure from suggestion to yourself by slumbering while playing a pornographic soundtrack.

Get your headphones and audio and create your own personal space.

Since it seems to be a masturbation that is quite unsuitable for you, I think that you should try it while testing your prostate and nipples and feeling like you’re doing it by the way.

If you want to have a dry orgasm, use Enemagra

I definitely want to have a dry orgasm!

There is a tool for you to think that way. It’s the Enemagura.

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Enemagra is an essential tool for men who want to have a dry orgasm and can stimulate the prostate precisely.

Of course, I use it too. I have introduced various methods of masturbation, but I recommend it because it is so effective that you can think that one Enemagra is enough without trying various methods.

Dry Orgasm Notes

Wait a minute! Now that you’ve been introduced to the allure of dry orgasms, how to do them, and even the best tools for them, you’re probably eager to practice them right away.

But before you act, be sure to check out the following tips.

Some constitutions are unreachable for some people

This is really unfortunate, but some people can’t seem to reach dry orgasm even with the continued practice of masturbation like the ones I’ve introduced.

Fortunately, I have been able to reach dry orgasm, but know at the outset that it is difficult for some people.

However, even if you don’t reach dry orgasm, you can still get pleasure from the masturbation I’ve introduced to you if you continue to do so. Also, when you reach dry orgasm varies from person to person, so it’s important to continue to be patient.

Development takes time

Practicing the introduced masturbation will not give you an immediate dry orgasm.

In the first place, neither the prostate nor the nipples will even give you pleasure when you stimulate them at first.

With continuous stimulation, you will gradually get pleasure from them, and the next step is dry orgasm.

And when you can have a dry orgasm varies from person to person.

By the way, it took me roughly 4 months to get there.

Let’s wait for the day when you can feel a dry orgasm while enjoying normal masturbation.

More than a dry orgasm! What is ejaculation without a hand job?

Now that you’ve read this far, I’ve got some even more awesome information for you. It’s ejaculation without a hand job.

It’s the ejaculation that happens without touching the penis, which can be experienced by stimulating the seminal vesicles behind the prostate gland, which I mentioned above, by pressing on them.

When you hear of ejaculation without stimulating the penis, it’s confusing and hard to picture, isn’t it?

I haven’t experienced ejaculation without a hand job yet, but I hear that the pleasure is even greater than a dry orgasm…

If you can reach a dry orgasm with prostate masturbation, then you can try to ejaculate without a hand job!


How was your experience?

Dry orgasm is very different from penis masturbation.

The pleasure is so intense that many men who have experienced it are addicted to it, and I am one of them.

You can experience more pleasure than ejaculation for a long time, and yet you can reach orgasm in rapid succession.

Dry orgasms have a pleasure that cannot be conveyed in words.

I hope you will practice the masturbation I have introduced to you and experience the appeal I have described.

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