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What are the causes of delayed ejaculation? Here’s how you can improve it yourself

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It takes a long time to ejaculate. This is a very serious problem.

Delayed ejaculation is a disorder that prevents you from ejaculating during sex.

In fact, I once had a condition similar to this, and at the time, I couldn’t talk to anyone about it and it was very painful.

When I actually experienced it, I realized that delayed ejaculation is not only your problem.

If you don’t realize this and hold back on expressing your problem alone, you may end up damaging your relationship with your partner one day.

This must be avoided at all costs.

So, in this article, we will discuss in detail the causes of delayed ejaculation, which can have a major negative impact on sex, and how to improve it.

What are the symptoms of delayed ejaculation?

Delayed ejaculation is a disorder in which it takes a long time to ejaculate during sex.

The symptoms vary from person to person, but men who take 30 to 60 minutes to ejaculate are often called late ejaculators.

However, there are many men who suffer from delayed ejaculation but have no problem masturbating to ejaculate, so there are many men who suffer from this condition seriously.

And there are three major disadvantages of delayed ejaculation

  • You won’t be able to feel pleasure
  • Women may feel responsible
  • Women find sex painful

Aside from the inability to ejaculate, delayed ejaculation can have a huge impact on a woman’s body and mind, especially if she is unable to ejaculate.

It’s not just a problem for you. Be aware that maybe your partner is also seriously suffering from it.

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You can’t get pleasure

A man’s goal in sex is ejaculation.

The stimulation leading up to ejaculation is, of course, pleasant, but it is not the same as the pleasure of ejaculation.

It is very painful for a man to not be able to feel that pleasure forever.

It is quite possible that he will lose interest in sex and become sexless with his partner.

Sex is an important means of communication for couples.

Improving delayed ejaculation is essential for maintaining a relationship with a partner.

Women may feel responsible

Delayed ejaculation is not just a problem for men.

Many women feel that they are responsible for their own inability to ejaculate, because many women feel that they are the cause of their man’s inability to ejaculate.

Men lose confidence in their inability to ejaculate and women feel that it is their fault, which is bad for the relationship.

You must first accept the fact that you have delayed ejaculation and be honest with your partner about your problems (more on this later).

Women find sex painful

Too much time spent inserting is only painful for a woman because the lubricating fluid secreted by the woman’s vagina dries up in about 15 minutes.

This is a fact that I have heard for the first time as well.

This means that after 15 minutes of penetration, a woman will gradually feel more pain than pleasure.

This means that you can’t complain if you eventually become afraid of sex and reject it.

In order to avoid hurting your partner, find out the cause of the problem and try to improve it as soon as possible.

What causes delayed ejaculation?

So, before I show you how to improve your delayed ejaculation, let’s find out what caused you to have delayed ejaculation.

This is a very important thing to try to improve.

  • Excessive masturbation
  • Mental stress
  • Aging
  • Side effects of drugs

Most often, too much strenuous masturbation leads to a dulled sensation in the penis.

And then there is stress.

The anxiety of not being able to ejaculate during sex in the past or the stress of work prevents ejaculation.

Especially when it comes to masturbation, if it’s continued in the wrong way, it can lead to many other disorders besides delayed ejaculation.

I have to be careful about this.

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Incorrect Masturbation and its Effects

How to improve delayed ejaculation?

Here is the main topic of this article.

Based on the causes mentioned above, here are a few ways you can improve your delayed ejaculation.

  • Tell your partner
  • Get counseling
  • Reduce the frequency of masturbation
  • Masturbate with proper stimulation
  • Use thin condoms
  • Abstain from pornography
  • Making use of masturbators

It takes time to improve delayed ejaculation.

First, it is important to remember that.

Then, it is important to choose an improvement method that suits the cause of your delayed ejaculation.

Let’s discuss these methods in detail.

Tell your partner

Whatever the cause of your delayed ejaculation, you should first talk to your partner about your problems.

This is because, as mentioned above, many women feel responsible for not ejaculating.

Communicate the symptoms of delayed ejaculation and the possible causes of the problem to relieve both of your concerns.

Without your partner’s understanding, ejaculation problems will not improve.

This will greatly reduce the emotional burden of the situation, especially if it is caused by failed sex or stress.

Once you have gained your partner’s understanding, it’s time to try the improvement method.

Get Counseling

If it is due to worries about sex or stress from work or other factors, counseling is the most effective way to get help.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a cure for delayed ejaculation that is specifically effective.

Therefore, getting rid of the anxiety in the back of your mind will be the fundamental solution.

Other habits that can help reduce stress, such as diversions through hobbies, light exercise, and adequate sleep, can also be helpful.

Reduce the frequency of masturbation

If this is due to the fact that you have become accustomed to intense masturbation, you may want to reduce the frequency of masturbation.

People who masturbate too often tend to escalate their stimulation and their penis tends to become desensitized to it.

So, you need to give your penis a little rest on days when it can regain its senses.

However, you don’t have to completely ban it.

Think about your usual frequency and reduce it gradually and reasonably and see how it goes.

Masturbate with proper stimulation

This is another effective method for men caused by heavy masturbation.

Do you masturbate with a strong five-finger grip when you masturbate?

When masturbation becomes accustomed to stimulation beyond the woman’s vagina, it becomes difficult to ejaculate with weaker stimulation.

What is needed is proper stimulation.

Masturbate with your fingers away from the penis, wrapping them in the palm of your hand and lightly grasping them.

This is difficult at first, but as you get used to it, you will gradually learn to ejaculate with the right stimulation.

Use Thin Condoms

Durex feel thin
RS 180

The thinner the condom used for sex, the easier it is for stimulation to be transmitted to the penis.

Therefore, it is recommended that you wear a 0.01mm condom, which is currently considered the thinnest condom available, for sex.

Now, I always use 0.01mm condoms during sex, and I certainly feel more comfortable compared to the many types of 0.02mm condoms.

It is also more expensive, but as you get used to this stimulation, your delayed ejaculation will gradually improve.

Avoid pornography

Many men may constantly watch pornography while masturbating.

However, to improve delayed ejaculation, you should refrain from doing this as well, because if you get used to feeling strong arousal from pornography, you will become less aroused during actual sex.

This is because if you get used to feeling a strong arousal from pornography, your arousal will decrease during actual sex.

I’m not saying that you should never watch it.

It’s just that you should reduce the frequency.

This is something that’s hard for me to deal with.

Let’s train ourselves to look at pornography less often so that we can feel aroused by our fantasies.

Use the Fleshlight

Vaginal Male Masturbator
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The most effective way to be able to ejaculate with proper stimulation is to make use of a fleshlight.

A fleshlight is an artificial vagina made for men to enjoy a pleasurable masturbation experience.

It allows you to enjoy stimulation similar to sex, so you can enjoy masturbation and improve your delayed ejaculation.

I use it every day and I can enjoy the pleasure that can never be replicated by right-handed masturbation.

If you are interested in fleshlight, click here for an article on fleshlight.


What did you think?

Delayed ejaculation is an ejaculation disorder that can seriously affect sex.

It doesn’t just take longer to ejaculate, it can also cause pain to a woman and trigger a bad relationship.

The main cause is the dulling of the senses due to over-stimulated masturbation.

Then there is the anxiety about sex and the stress of work and other factors.

It takes time to improve.

Use the methods I’ve introduced to help you seek your partner’s understanding and train yourself to be able to ejaculate with appropriate stimulation.

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